Dimension one hot tub installed in a deck

Since 1977, Dimension One Spas has been a leading innovator in the hot tub industry.  While their peers focused on sales and marketing, D1 was obsessed with engineering and quality.  A testament to their passion for innovation, Dimension One holds over 30 patents.  No other company has committed more to the evolution of the personal spa.

Examine closely the fit and finish of a D1 Spa and you will begin to see a level of craftsmanship not found in other hot tubs.  It can be difficult to quantify quality, though you know it when you see it.  Dimension One has crafted a precision hydrotherapy experience while other manufacturers are creating a sales pitch.  What’s more important to you in a spa, clever marketing or quality engineering?

Dimension one hot tub fountain
Why are Dimension One Spas the best choice for your hot tub in Denver?

  • Pure, Safe Water – D1’s UltraPure Plus water management system is the only ozone system that is UL approved to operate during use.  Every other hot tub must turn the ozone system off when bathers are present.  This is when you need it most!  This automated system means crystal clear water, with no chemical smells and no dry skin.  It really works!
  • Dynamic Massage Sequencer – A full-body massage like no other, D1’s dynamic masssage sequencer allows you to target different therapy zones at the touch of a button.  You can adjust the speed of the 6 pre-programmed massage combinations and even pause on a specific area that may need a little extra attention.  This is a game-changing innovation only found in Dimension One spas and hot tubs.


  • Jet Therapy Pillow – The patented Jet Therapy pillow features up to four powerful neck and shoulder jets that are adjustable to fit everyone in your family.  No other hot tub allows this customization.  Neck jets only provide optimal therapy when positioned properly for your height.  D1 has solved this problem and provides a neck and shoulder massage for everyone.


  • UltraLife Shell – Dimension One’s UltraLife shell is the strongest in the industry and is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Liquid FX –  A dazzling interplay of light, shadow, and sound.  One-of-a-kind interchangeable fountains and water features combined with LED lighting and the sounds of a babbling brook or splashing fountain for a multi-sensory experience.


  • Echo Underwater Switches – Echo underwater magnetic switches make it easy to control the jets and lights from your seat, without having to leave the warmth of the water.  No other hot tub allows you to make adjustments with your hands still under the warm water.


  • No-Float UltraLounge –  Almost everyone likes the idea of a lounge seat in a hot tub.  Unfortunately, many tend to float meaning they can’t enjoy the full body massage and comfort provided by this type of seating.  D1 has solved this problem with their no-float UltraLounge seats which use precision angles to keep your body in the perfect position to reduce buoyancy.  Dimension One Spas has the only true “no-float” lounge available.


  • Tactile Therapy – Many have found relief from their aches and pains through the ancient art of reflexology and acupressure.  D1’s tactile therapy points are grouped together at key acupressure points for your hands, feet, arms, and wrists.


Are you beginning to notice that Dimension One is a different kind of hot tub company?

Spa33_detailTherapy for your mind, body and soul


UltraPure Plus – Clean Water Naturally

Dimension One Spas’ UltraPure Plus water management system cleans and purifies your water automatically, 24 hours a day.  You won’t have to worry about harsh chemical odors or dry and itchy skin, nor do you have to pretend to be a chemist.  Just set it, and forget it.  Spend time enjoying your backyard oasis, not maintaining it.