10 Easy Hot Tub Stretching Exercises

10 Easy, Beneficial Hot Tub Stretching Exercises

Hot Tub Stretching Exercises

Have you thought about stretching while relaxing with the jets massaging you in a hot tub? For more profound relaxation and loosening tight muscles causing you pain, stretching in a hot tub is excellent.

Below we provide you with a few excellent stretching exercises in your hot tub. The range of motions of each can ease muscle tightness, improve muscle tone, circulation, joint motion, flexibility, promote better posture and relieve stress.

Combining these exercises with your hot tub soak in water temperature between 100 to 102 degrees may immensely benefit you. However, before starting any exercise regime, you must also consult your physician. Also, if you feel additional pain, get overheated, or are dizzy, stop immediately.

So sit back, soak, relax and let your muscles warm-up, begin slowly while breathing continuously, and take breaks between each exercise. Try to start with each exercise three times, hold for twenty to thirty seconds and slowly build up to ten to twelve repetitions.

We start with the legs and will move throughout the other parts of your body. You will see that as we speak about hot tub stretching exercises we incorporate a few that are for strengthening as well.

Leg Exercises


Toe pushes are great. While sitting, push your toes against the hot tub wall, hold for three seconds, and release. You can do one leg at a time or both simultaneously.


For thigh tightening the from thigh muscles, sit and squeeze only the thigh muscles and hold for three seconds. Make sure not to tighten the knees.

Thigh Abductor Muscles

Sit in the hot tub with knees together and push your knees apart using your hands or resistance bands. Again hold for three seconds and release.

Gluts, Hamstring

While sitting, extend your leg forward, keep your heel on the floor, push the heel down, flex your foot toward your shin and hold. Also, you can stretch your legs straight forward with toes on the hot tub wall, bend forward, stretching the back of your legs.


Hip Flexors

Lift your knee or knees toward your chest bringing them as close as possible to get a great stretch for your hips. If you round your back forward you will be getting a good backstretch.

Neck, Shoulders, and Chest

Upper Neck and Shoulders

Again, while sitting soaking and relaxing, rotate your head in a circular motion. Start looking down, circle your head to the right, back and left, ending looking down. Do slowly, repeat and then rotate in the opposite direction.

Shoulders, Front and Back Muscles

Simply roll your shoulders by lifting them, rolling them forward, lifting them again, and rolling them back. In addition, lift your shoulders toward your ears, hold, and release back down. Another great one to stretch your upper back; give yourself a big hug by wrapping your arms around and touching your back shoulder blades with your fingertips.

Shoulders, Upper Back, Arms and Chest

Extend your arms straight out parallel to the floor in front of you. Clasp your hands and pull your elbows apart; hold then, push elbows back in.



Here we have three exercises. With the first exercise, squeeze your hands tightly in fists and release. For the second exercise, extend arms straight out with palms down and continue to cross one arm over the other rapidly. Finally, add a third exercise which is also great for your forearms but includes your fingers. Spread your fingers apart and rapidly move them as if you were playing the piano.

Upper Arms

Place hands on the top of your shoulders with elbows facing front. Raise and lower your elbows toward your ears. You can also make circles.



While sitting, pull in and tighten your stomach, hold and release.

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