4 Best Hot Tub Foundation Ideas

4 Best Hot Tub Foundation Ideas, EZ Pad

What Foundation is Needed For a Hot Tub?

You’ve just bought your new hot tub and can’t wait to get in. Unfortunately, you can’t simply drop it on your lawn and climb in. It is essential that you install a strong and sturdy hot tub foundation.

Here are four types of hot tub bases that will have you enjoying your new hot tub for a long time.

Why Is a Hot Tub Foundation Important?

First and foremost, your hot tub is going to be heavy. A standard 400-gallon hot tub will contain 3,336 pounds of water weight, and that isn’t including the hot tub itself. A hot tub weighing over 3000 pounds will not sit evenly on your lawn, and it will sink damaging your hot tub and yard.

Additionally, your lawn will retain moisture that will damage your hot tub, significantly reducing its life span. The exterior of your hot tub is not designed to withstand long-term water exposure.

To protect your hot tub you need the right hot tub foundation.

Best Foundation For a Hot Tub For You To Decide Which Is Best For You


Hot Tub Foundation For Gravel

Gravel is a popular choice due to its constant drainage and affordability. To create your gravel hot tub base you will need to measure out space where your hot tub will go, plus 6-12 extra inches circumference.

You need to dig a six-inch deep pit, ensuring the bottom is as smooth and level as possible. You are also going to need two types of gravel, medium-grade gravel, and finer gravel, like pea gravel.

Line the bottom of the pit with landscaping cloth and fill the first four inches with medium-grade gravel. Top the final two inches with pea gravel. Now rake until smooth.

Keep reading to learn about the EZ Pad which is perfect to put on top of the gravel. This pad ensures the hot tub’s weight will be evenly distributed.


Concrete Base For Hot Tub

Concrete bases are a little more expensive than gravel but are incredibly durable. The process of creating your concrete base is very similar to the gravel base.

You will need to start by excavating an area that is big enough for your hot tub, plus some extra inches. With concrete you won’t need to dig as deep, four inches will suffice.

You will need to use 2×4 inch boards to build a frame inside the pit. Next, fill the pit with one inch of sand. Finally, pour the concrete over it, filling the pit. Smooth over the wet concrete with a board and bull float.

Concrete will begin to set immediately but will take four weeks to dry completely. Avoid installing your hot tub until the concrete is completely dry.


Hot Tub on Deck

If you have a deck and that is where you want to put your hot tub you are in luck, your base is already built. Before you install your hot tub on your deck it is critical you have your deck inspected. Your hot tub will be heavy and your deck may not be able to support the hot tub.

If your deck does not have sufficient weight carry capacity it will need to be reinforced, and this should be done by a professional.

Hot Tub and Spa Base Pad

4 Best Hot Tub Foundation Ideas, EZ Pad

Why EZ Pads?

If you install your hot tub on sand, dirt, gravel, crushed rock or the grass, first, make sure the space is level, then simply put down this fantastic EZ Pad. The EZ Pad is portable and does not require a town permit to install.

Just make sure there is enough drainage below. This pad will provide a solid and level foundation base, so the weight of the hot tub will be evenly distributed.

Dealers may refer to the EZ Pad as a hot tub, spa, base, or foundation pad.

Best of all, they offer a Lifetime Warranty and are made here right in the United States.

Enjoy Your New Hot Tub

Adding a hot tub to your home is an awesome idea, but before you can fully enjoy your new hot tub you need to have the right hot tub foundation. Gravel and concrete bases are great, affordable DIY options. However, we do highly recommend installing the EZ Pad for extra support.

Contact Colorado Custom Spas today to discuss the right hot tub base for you. Our team can help you pick the perfect hot tub as well. You can also stop by one of our store locations in Denver and Castle Rock, Colorado.

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