5 Hot Tub Holiday Gifts for Your Spa-Loving Spouse

holiday gifts

Shopping for the holidays can be challenging, especially when someone already has everything they want or need. If you are shopping for your spa-loving spouse, our experts at Colorado Custom Spas have compiled a list of holiday gifts they will LOVE! Stop by our Denver or Castle Rock location to pick up your perfect present today.

1. A Covana Hot Tub Cover Makes a Perfect Holiday Gift

We can GUARANTEE an automated Covana cover will be their favorite gift this holiday season. These covers are top of the line and so easy to operate. With just the turn of a key, your cover will lift into the air creating a gazebo for you to use your hot tub or swim spa under. You can even pull down the sides to create more privacy around your hot tub area or to keep the wind out. Since these covers are constructed of more solid materials, you will not need to replace them like you replace softer covers as well. Investing in a Covana hot tub cover will be the gift that keeps giving for years to come.

2. Spazzaz® Aromatherapy Products as Holiday Gifts

Aromatherapy products are always appreciated as a gift, but with Spazzaz®, your spa-loving spouse will be taken to another level of care. With numerous scents and benefits to choose from, Spazzaz has something to suit your partner’s specific needs. Aromatherapy gifts also make great stocking stuffers. If you want to have your spouse’s stocking run over with goodies, they will absolutely love you for it.

3. Booster Seats as Holiday Gifts

If your spa-loving spouse is on the shorter side, or maybe you have kids or friends who are, gifting a booster seat can be a fantastic thing. These specially designed spa seats will ensure that their hair remains dry and in place while keeping them from floating around above their seat. This spectacular gift makes relaxation easier for anyone on the shorter side this year. 

4. Sump Pump for a Holiday Gift

A sump pump is a very practical gift for the spa-loving spouse. It will allow them to better clean and care for their hot tub or swim spa all the time because they will be able to pump the water out quickly to clean it completely when it is time for a drain and fill. While this gift may not be the first thing to come to mind, it will be appreciated by anyone who receives it. 

5. Serum Total Cleanse for a Holiday Gift

Our final recommendation is our serum total cleanse. This is our own specialty water care product that will help your loved one to keep their hot tub or swim spa clean and ready to go. If they don’t have clean water, they can’t enjoy their spa to the fullest. This highly critical gift will not go unnoticed. 

Whatever questions you may have about gifts for your spa-loving spouse this season, the experts at our Denver and Castle Rock locations are ready to help. Stop by and let us know what type of spa you have, and we can suggest excellent accessories for your spouse’s interests and hot tub model. We can’t wait to see you in the store. Happy holidays!

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