5 Reasons Santa Would Get You a Swim Spa

What is Santa bringing you for Christmas this year? Is he getting you a swim spa from Colorado Custom Spas? Of course, he is! What is a better gift to give someone important to you this holiday season? When making his nice list, he thought of the perfect gift to make your life more enjoyable and healthful than ever!

1. Santa wants you to exercise without the effects of gravity in your swim spa. 

We are all too familiar with aching joints or muscles after a good and hard-fought workout at the gym. Cutting down on all of that pain is as easy as swimming in your new swim spa from Santa! Using your new swim spa will allow you to move freely during your workout with fewer effects on your joints and muscles. The water adds a weightless element to enhance exercise for almost anyone. Whether weight, old age, or another medical problem has been holding you back in workouts, they can be worked around this way.

2. Santa wants you to change up your exercise routine in a new swim spa.

While swimming may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are so many ways to work out in a swim spa. Did you know that you can even get a stationary bike to use in a swim spa?! Let swimming laps become a thing of the past while you explore weight lifting in the water, rowing, cycling, and of course, swimming in your brand new gift. 

3. Santa wants you to relax and unwind. 

Life for most of us has been difficult at best the past few years with the pandemic. A swim spa will not only allow you to work that frustration out but also allow you space to relax afterward. With jets and warm water, you can have all the benefits of a hot tub to go along with your exercise. 

4. Santa wants you to sleep better.

In addition to relaxing and unwinding in your swim spa, it will encourage better sleep after you get out. Using the jets and the warmth of the water before bed will help to lull your body to sleep peacefully. With stress and worry gone, your body can take that calm energy to bed. 

5. Santa wants you to be able to work out and relax year-round in your swim spa.

While most pools need to be closed once winter comes, a swim spa does not. Using heated water like a hot tub lets you utilize your swim spa year-round. You can continue your exercise routine no matter what the temperature is outside. You can also relax and unwind with all of your favorite people throughout the season. 

What better way to say, “I love you!” to yourself or someone special in your life? Come into our Castle Rock or Denver location today to do your own swim test before Santa brings your new swim spa to your home. If you still have questions, our expert consultants will be available to answer them. We cannot wait to help you make this holiday season the most memorable one yet.

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