5 Tips for Using Your Hot Tub in Winter

using your hot tub in winter

When you purchase a hot tub, the biggest perk is being able to use it year-round, specifically in the winter months. While everyone at Colorado Custom Spas wants you to enjoy this perk to its fullest, we also have a few recommendations for you and your loved ones before hopping into your hot tub this winter. 

1. Use a Broom to Remove Snow from the Cover Before Using Your Hot Tub in Winter

Before you start using your hot tub in winter, be sure to clear off any snow from the top of it. It will make your cover much lighter to lift, and it can also protect your cover long term to ensure it lasts. You will, however, want to use a broom to remove the snow. A shovel could rip or tear the material used to make the cover, and then you would have to purchase a new one, defeating the purpose of removing the snow.  

2. Take Slippers and a Robe with You to the Hot Tub

Another tip that likely seems obvious, but some people don’t consider beforehand, is taking slippers and a robe with you when using your hot tub in winter. Not having a plan to get back to the warmth of your home in freezing temperatures when you are soaking wet can be a real downer. Keep these items handy to grab when you are ready to get out. Bonus points if you set up a towel warmer nearby to keep everything toasty!

3. Add Extra Heaters Around the Spa 

Another big bonus can be to add outdoor heaters around your hot tub area. This will help the air around you to warm up just enough to keep you from a chill while getting in and out of the hot tub. It can also help to keep your head warmer if you don’t like wearing hats in the pool.

4. Don’t Turn the Jets All the Way Up While Using Your Hot Tub in Winter

If you want to keep your water as warm as possible while using your hot tub in winter, you will want to keep the jets at about medium. Jets use the air surrounding the hot tub to push water out forcefully. The higher you leave the setting, the more cold air your hot tub water will be exposed to.

5. Make Sure You Have a Quality Cover Whether or Not You Use Your Hot Tub in Winter

To ensure your water stays as warm as possible while using your hot tub in winter, you want a quality hot tub cover that seals and locks in the steam. While it may cost more upfront to purchase a quality hot tub cover, it will pay off long term in using less water, chemicals, and power to run your hot tub.

With these tips handy, you will surely enjoy using your hot tub in winter all season long. If you have questions about your hot tub or are looking for a perfect fit for you, reach out to our expert consultants for help this season.

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