6 Best Hot Tubs To Dominate in 2022

6 Best Hot Tubs To Dominate in 2022

Hot Tubs That Are Already At The Top For 2022

When looking to purchase a spa or hot tub for your home, many factors go into decision-making. Convenience and luxury rank highly in this market. Therefore, it is essential to know which brands are emerging as the best hot tubs and as leaders in this industry for 2022.

Some spas provide unique qualities that other hot tubs don’t offer, making them more popular. For example, some hot tubs boast better insulation technology than their competitors, resulting in less evaporation and heating costs during colder months.

Other spas may have superior jets which provide a better hydrotherapy massage. To get the most value for your investment, make sure you know which spas are breaking new ground in this industry.

Some of the best hot tubs in 2022 will include:

Bullfrog A-Series

One of the top spas for 2022 will be the Bullfrog A-series, an option for those looking for quality, affordability, and durability. The A-series is a seven-person spa with a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the ideal hot tub for those who want a soothing, hot yet comfortable water temperature. In addition, it comes with seven customizable JetPaks and different color options.

5 Best Hot Tubs To Dominate in 2022, Bullfrog spa

Artesian Elite Spa

The Artesian Elite Spa is another excellent hot tub option for people looking to get the most out of their investment. One of the best on the market, this spa comes with an infinity edge design and Blue-Ray lighting that illuminates any surrounding area while still creating a soothing atmosphere inside your new spa.

The tub has five spacious spas and a patented Personal Control System for unparalleled relaxation. In addition, the H20 PowerFlow® Jets offer a unique hydrotherapy experience in this hot tub.

5 Best Hot Tubs To Dominate in 2022, Artesian Spa

Spa Joy from Passion Spas

Passion Spas makes some of the top hot tubs on the market. Spa Joy is one of their most popular models, providing people with luxurious features like aromatherapy, a low-chemical system, Bluetooth sound, and StarBrite LED light, which creates an entirely new spa experience for your home.

The hot tub has seven seats with an aqua rolling massage feature and 83 hydrotherapy jets. Also, the multi-layered shell construction ensures ergonomic seating to enjoy your hot tub every evening.

5 Best Hot Tubs To Dominate in 2022, Passion Spa

Tuff Spas

Thanks to their innovative design and technology, Tuff Spas are the most luxurious spas on the market. For example, some models have touch-screen control panels, high-performance systems, LED lights, Natural Fiber Spa insulation, and ready-to-plug design.

The tubs are coated with special polymer for extra durability and strength. You can find models ranging from 2-5 seats with different color and panel options.

A bonus is a highly durable cover that can withstand holding up to 1,000 lbs. And for Colorado weather, a strong cover is a must.

5 Best Hot Tubs To Dominate in 2022, Tuff spas

TidalFit Swim and Exercise Spas

Within the past two years, the lifestyles of so many have changed. Due to this unprecedented time with the pandemic creating a new stay-at-home lifestyle, hot tub sales have been increasing, especially swim and exercise spas. As the fitness gurus limit their time at their favorite gym, what other way is best to continue an exercise regime? A swim and exercise spa.

The TidalFit Spas have been at the top of the list with dual temperature and personalized hydrotherapy for years, and for 2022 they are already dominating again.

5 Best Hot Tubs To Dominate in 2022, TidalFit Spa

In-Ground Hot Tubs

The best hot tubs on the market are in-ground spas, massaged to perfection by the surrounding soil. Most models can be plugged directly into any residential outlet for all-year-round enjoyment while also boasting superior insulation technology like thermal bubble covers and advanced cabinets that reduce heat loss.

These spas come with customizable lighting options, aromatherapy, different jet types, and high-quality jets for ultimate comfort.

Colorado Custom Spas Offers the Best Hot Tubs for 2022

At Colorado Custom Spas, we offer high-quality hot tubs and outdoor living experiences that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Our spas provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for families and friends who want to spend time outdoors.

We provide the top brands in this industry by offering a wide range of premium spas at an affordable price. Contact Colorado Custom Spas today to get started on designing your dream spa!

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