Are Hot Tubs Bluetooth?

Are Hot Tubs Bluetooth?

Hot Tubs and Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Your Colorado Custom Spa can provide you with a complete entertainment package. State-of-the-art multi-colored lighting and beautiful fountains and waterfalls are standard elements in each spa series. A wireless Bluetooth® audio system and a 22″ HD display are available as options. Relax while renewing your mind and restoring fatigued muscles with our hot tub entertainment systems. From the luxury of your spa, stream your favorite shows and music. It’s like having a home theatre and a spa all rolled into one.

Features of a Bluetooth Hot Tub

Spa Stereo Systems with Bluetooth® is an excellent choice if you save your music or save your favorite radio stations on your smartphone. You may listen to music from your smartphone through your Hot Tub’s speakers, which provide high-quality sound.

You can control the music from the luxury of your hot tub, and there’s no risk of your smartphone being damaged. You’ll enjoy the audio quality of the system’s built-in, marine-grade speakers if you’ve ever listened to music from a cheap Bluetooth speaker.

Why Colorado Spas & Hot Tubs?

Are you interested in an above-ground or an in-ground hot tub? No worries. Both types can be fully equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology.

Let’s start with in-ground spas. Traditional, free-standing spas are often replaced with in-ground Colorado Custom Spas & Hot Tubs.

Colorado Custom Spas offers the skills and ability to help you create your ideal backyard sanctuary, having completed hundreds of in-ground hot tub installations. Their designs combine the look of a bespoke in-ground hot tub with the therapeutic, efficiency, amenities, Bluetooth technology and comfort of a standard free-standing hot tub. No other Denver and Castle Rock CO firm compares to the knowledge of Colorado Custom Spas.

In-Ground vs. Above Ground

In-ground spas are traditionally constructed in the same manner as a swimming pool. They employ the same materials and construction processes as traditional acrylic hot tubs, which are costly, difficult to work with, and unpleasant, and limit the seating and options available. When compared to an above-ground hot tub, these spas can be inefficient, expensive, and provide little therapeutic value. While any hot tub may be put below ground, the risk of issues increases dramatically if you do not purchase the right spa.

The in-ground hot tubs at Colorado Custom Spas are different. The revolutionary JetPak technology from Bullfrog Spas lowers plumbing problems, fittings problems, and leak spots by up to 90%. The jets and fittings are accessible from above, unlike in other spas, where they are concealed below. Furthermore, unlike wood and metal frames utilized by other manufacturers, its injection molded plastic frames and structures will never degrade or rust. And their Bluetooth technology far surpasses their competitors.

What Can We Offer You?

Colorado Custom Spas, the state’s leading retailer of hot tubs, spas, and swim spas, offers seven distinct brands for both residential and commercial use. In Denver and Castle Rock, they have the greatest assortment of hot tubs for sale. They have a number of water management technologies that require less maintenance and don’t use harmful chemicals. They are Colorado’s hot water experts, specializing in saltwater hot tubs, minerals, ozone, and UV systems.

They only sell the best supplies, chemicals, and accessories for any hot tub or spa brand. Their replacement hot tub covers are manufactured from the toughest materials and are built to endure the harsh climate of the Rocky Mountains. With Bluetooth technology, you can get yours right now. Contact Colorado Custom Spas today to learn more about hot tubs with Bluetooth wireless technology.

Along with choosing a spa, hot tub to experience the joys of Bluetooth technology feel free to browse our website blog and see what other fantastic and healthy benefits hot tubs provide.

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