What Are The Best Hot Tubs For Backyards?

What Are The Best Hot Tubs For Backyards?

Your Guide To The Best Hot Tubs for Backyards

You’ve decided you want a hot tub, but which is best for your backyard?  Realizing your dream of relaxing in your own hot tub starts with choosing the right one. Don’t forget to consider swim and exercise spas.

We’ve evaluated the five best brands of hot tubs based on available features. You should also consider expense, appearance, and size when choosing a hot tub as well.

We’ve considered the latest trends in hot tubs while preparing this article, “What Are The Best Hot Tubs For Backyards.”

Read on to find out which are the best hot tubs for your backyard.

The Best Hot Tubs for Backyards

The five brands worth considering are Bullfrog Spas, Tuff Spas, Artesian Spas, and Passion Spas. Practical considerations include installation, energy consumption, cleaning, and construction materials.

Features such as massage therapy and comfort are what really distinguish one brand from another. A notable feature of Bullfrog hot tubs is its Jetpak system. The jets in a hot tub deliver hydrotherapy.

Artesian Spas are known for their Foot Blaster and Neck Jet when it comes to hydrotherapy.

The seating arrangement can vary from one hot tub to another.  Tuff Spas are noted for flexible seating arrangements.

Regardless of the features, you need to decide where to install your hot tub.

A Deck Installed Hot Tub or Standalone?

An existing deck can be a good choice to install a hot tub.  A standalone hot tub is best if your deck won’t support a tub’s weight.

All five of the top brands offer backyard hot tub options suitable for a deck or standalone. Consult your dealer for details on how to put a hot tub in your backyard.

If your deck can’t support a hot tub a poured concrete pad for above-ground installation is another alternative.

An Above or In-Ground Hot Tub?

Reinforcing a deck so that it will support a hot tub can be costly. Visiting the website for Bullfrog Spas, Tuff Spas, Artesian Spas, Passion Spas and Strong Spas revealed all five have in-ground models.

Installing an in-ground hot tub can also be challenging and costly.  The above-ground models on each site were, on average, more affordable than in-ground.

Also, the installation of in-ground models is comparatively expensive.

Digging needed for in-ground models and site preparation may require a permit.

The one big advantage of an in-ground hot tub is aesthetics.  The landscaping options such as including a waterfall are limitless.

The Best Hot Tubs for Your Backyard

The hot tub that is best for your backyard is the one that best meets your needs. Ask yourself questions such as, “How private is one option versus another?”

You should also consider accessibility when choosing between models. An in-ground model requires being at ground level to enter it.

When making a choice of models weigh practical concerns such as accessibility against aesthetics and style.

Choose a Suitable Brand

“What are the best hot tubs for your backyard?” is the question. You can choose an expensive brand and still not be satisfied.

Be sure to consult a reputable dealer when choosing a brand and model. Contact Colorado Custom Spas to help you further and guide you down the right path when choosing the hot tub which is best for you.

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