How a Bullfrog Spa Delivers Personalized Hot Tub Experiences

Bullfrog Spa JetPak Therapy System

Do you love the idea of a hot tub but want a more individualized experience? Bullfrog Spas® from Colorado Custom Spas can give you just that! With a customizable JetPak Therapy System™, you will be able to switch out your experience any time you like, as well as move things around your Bullfrog Spa anytime you want. You will feel rejuvenated and refreshed after 15 minutes in one of these splendid hot tubs.

18 Different JetPaks® to Choose from When Using Your Bullfrog Spa

When you come into our Castle Rock or Denver location, you will be able to see firsthand how awesome these JetPaks are and just how many options are available when you order your Bullfrog Spa. You can pick from 18 different JetPaks that offer varying types of hydrotherapy. Some focus more on your neck or shoulders, while others focus on your back. You can even get some that will do it all in different ways. In addition to the option for different points of focus, you will be able to use JetPaks with anywhere from two to 42 jets on them. There is truly a fit for whatever your goals are.

Ability to Change the JetPak’s Position in Your Bullfrog Spa

After you have taken the time to choose your favorite JetPak, you can further customize your experience by placing them at any seat in your Bullfrog Spa. If you have a favorite seat, use it every time you soak, no matter which JetPak you want that day. With a simple snap and lift, you can swap your JetPaks as often as you like.

Different Seating Types in Each Bullfrog Spa

Having a favorite seat is a wonderful thing in a Bullfrog Spa. Depending on the hot tub you choose, you could have a lounge seat to relax your entire body, a seat lower in the tub to soak all the way up to your neck (or for people who are taller to use), or a seat that is designed to keep your hair dry and focus on your lower back (or for people who are shorter). No matter what your preferences are, you can find a seat you love and then put a JetPak you love with it!

Ability to Change the Intensity of Your Jets

The final way to make your Bullfrog Spa personalized is the ability to raise or lower the intensity of your jets. Some days we may need more pressure than others, and Bullfrog Spas knows that. It is why they have designed their JetPaks to adjust in intensity based on the users’ needs.

Don’t wait another minute if you are looking for the ultimate, personalized, luxury experience. Bullfrog Spas are what you have been looking for, and Colorado Custom Spas has them in stock for you to see in person. Come in for a test soak at either our Denver or Castle Rock location. Our Denver store has over 45 hot tubs on display, so you are sure to find exactly what you have been wanting at a great price. We can’t wait to help improve your life this year.

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