Can I Get a Commercial Hot Tub?

commercial hot tub

Are you looking for a commercial hot tub for your business? If so, Colorado Custom Spas has just what you need for successful commercial hot tub installation. We can help you to select the perfect custom commercial hot tub no matter what your goals are. With more than twenty years of experience in the hot tub industry here in Denver and Castle Rock, we have become experts at our jobs. 

Why Choose a Commercial Hot Tub?

Deciding to invest in a commercial hot tub is an important decision for your business. You may be looking into it for many reasons. 

You Need to Fit More People

Placing a hot tub in a hotel, apartment building, gym, or spa requires more space than most standard hot tubs can provide. If you are looking to fit in more than five or six people at a time, a commercial hot tub is likely the best choice for you. 

You Need More Accessible Use of Your Commercial Hot Tub

You may also be considering a hot tub for a therapy office or at a retirement home. These locations benefit most from a hot tub that is easily accessible to the patrons who will use it. Being able to customize the entrance and surfaces of your hot tub is crucial to it being a success in your space. Easy access can also be a significant point of interest for community spaces like gyms and spas. 

You Need More Jets or Specific Jets for Therapy Purposes

You may also need more specific types of jets for therapy use. We have installed commercial hot tubs in university athletic departments and other locations where therapy is the critical goal. Placement and types of jets are vital to the success of these types of programs. We are here to help you achieve that success.

Why Choose Colorado Custom Spas?

Colorado Custom Spas has installed commercial hot tubs in all of the locations we have talked about. We have decades of experience in the area and are equipped to help you meet your individual goals. With options like higher-quality materials, numerous safety features, and reduced operating costs compared to gunite hot tubs, there isn’t a better choice.

Helping our customers find the perfect solutions on their journey to getting a commercial hot tub installed is our ultimate goal. Our reviews and ratings are proof of this. We pride ourselves on our customer service. We strive to be the best customer service experience you have ever had, no matter where we are at in the process of placing your commercial hot tub.

Reach out today to get started improving your business! A commercial hot tub has numerous health benefits for your patrons, and they will love having it as an amenity. Our experts are ready to help guide you through the decision-making process and will stand by you throughout the installation process, too. Come by one of our locations or contact us online to get your commercial hot tub today.

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