Can I Get an American Made Hot Tub?

Can I Get an American Made Hot Tub?

With the global supply chain in a bottle neck, it is becoming more important than ever for Americans to buy products manufactured in the United States. This includes backyard recreation items such as hot tubs. Those looking for Denver hot tubs may wonder “can I get an American-made hot tub?” The answer is an emphatic “YES” – you certainly can! 

In fact, because American-made hot tubs comprise most of the spas we sell, we have avoided a lot of supply chain problems. Our hot tubs are IN STOCK! We offer high quality hot tubs to the Denver and Castle Rock area at a variety of price points. 

We believe every family in our area should be able to enjoy the benefits an American-made hot tub has to offer. Hot tub ownership gives you everyday access to numerous health and wellness benefits including stress relief, lessened joint and muscle pain, better sleep, and improved circulation. 

Colorado Custom Spas was founded in 2002 on the principles of American craftsmanship, American jobs, and rebuilding the economy one hot tub at a time. We make it a top priority to partner with companies that design and manufacture spas in the USA. We believe in American craftsmanship and quality, which sets us apart from other dealers.

Our pride in our products combined with good old-fashioned customer service makes us the place to go for Denver hot tubs.

Reasons to Choose an American-Made Hot Tub 

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Buying an American-made hot tub from Colorado Custom Spas contributes to a more stable future for our country. Below we highlight two of our luxury American-made hot tub brands.

Artesian Spas American-Made Hot Tub

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Artesian Spas foot blasters are the best foot jets available!

Artesian SpasTM headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ingenuity and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of their incredible spa models, and you’ll find high-quality hot tubs in every size for every budget. 
The Artesian Elite line offers a fully customizable, luxurious experience. And the Garden Spas line is designed specifically for smaller spaces. Artesian Spas brands truly have a hot tub for everyone.

Bullfrog Spas American-Made Hot Tub

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Bullfrog Spas’ precision manufacturing allows users to customize their experience.

Beautiful Bullfrog Spas are manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah, using state-of-the-art precision manufacturing. This high-tech system eliminates human error and ensures each piece is the exact same size and shape every time.

We carry five different lines of Bullfrog Spas. These spas have a patented JetPak system. The modular seat backs come with a variety of different massage configurations and are interchangeable so users can customize their massage experience.

There truly is no better option than an American-made hot tub. From advanced hydrotherapy to technological amenities, you’ll love every second in your gorgeous new retreat. And when you are asking, “Can I get an American-made hot tub?” there is no better place to discover the wonders of an American-made spa than Colorado Custom Spas. Come see us at our new Denver showroom or at our Castle Rock location. We can help you find the perfect hot tub to meet all your health and wellness needs. 

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