Can I Install an In-Ground Spa?

Can I install an in-ground spa?

There are a variety of questions that people shopping for their first spa may have. One of the most common likely pertains to whether or not it’s possible to install an in-ground spa. The answer to that question is yes, it is possible to install an in-ground swim spa or hot tub. There are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether to choose a built-in swim spa or hot tub as opposed to an above-ground, stand-alone spa. Below, we’ll discuss some factors that could help first-time buyers determine if an in-ground spa is right for them.

Why People Choose In-Ground Swim Spas

There are numerous differences between in-ground spas and above-ground spas. Some of them include:

  • Appearance: In-ground swim spas and hot tubs are perfect for people that have backyard views with beautiful scenery that is best taken in unobstructed. Unlike above-ground spas, decor for in-ground spas can include fountains, waterfalls, and greenery to add to the aesthetic of your outdoor space.
  • Accessibility: Above-ground pools can be difficult for some people to get in and out of, especially those with joint pain. In-ground swim spas and hot tubs also come with a wide variety of options to choose from regarding shapes and sizes. The customization that in-ground spas offer makes them great for people planning on hosting outdoor get-togethers.
  • Personalization: In-ground spas can easily be incorporated into any design style or theme. If you can’t find a stand-alone spa with an exterior cabinet that blends with or complements your backyard or exterior design, a built-in spa is an excellent option. Additionally, in-ground spas are available with the same features and amenities offered on stand-alone spas, including LED lighting, sound systems, entertainment systems, and so much more.

Benefits of Installing In-Ground Swim Spas

There are a variety of benefits that come with installing an in-ground swim spa or hot tub. In-ground spas, like inground pools, are a permanent fixture, unlike above-ground spas that may move out when the homeowner sells the property. That can be attractive if you ever decide to sell your home.

Another reason why installing in-ground spas can be beneficial is because they can aid personal health in a variety of ways, including by strengthening the immune system. In-ground spas feature full-powered massage jets, loungers, and a true hydrotherapy massage experience.

Last but not least, a built-in spa is a one-of-a-kind entertainment option that could make your home or temporary vacation destination “the place to be” among friends and neighbors. The first step to enjoying the benefits of an in-ground spa is finding industry professionals you can rely on for proper installation.

Who Can Install an In-Ground Swim Spa or Hot Tub in or Near Denver?

When it comes to installing spas and hot tubs in the Denver area, Colorado Custom Spas has a proud reputation for satisfying customers. Since 2002, Colorado Custom Spas has gone above and beyond to provide residents in Denver and surrounding areas with top-notch customer service when it comes to both in-ground and above-ground spas. Additionally, Colorado Custom Spas only provides customers with trusted, energy-efficient in-ground swim spas and hot tubs. 

The process of getting an in-ground spa installed is likely easier than you imagined. Why wait to begin experiencing the benefits that an in-ground spa has to offer? For more information about how Colorado Custom Spas can help you construct the backyard in-ground spa of your dreams, get in touch with our team today!

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