Can You Put a Spa Indoors?

Can You Put a Spa Indoors?

Can You Put a Spa Indoors?

The spa industry has grown a steady 0.5% from 2016-2021.

Everyone enjoys going to the spa every once in a while, but it could become costly if you’re looking for more spa time. That’s why the best idea is to look into indoor spa installation within your home.

We know you might be wondering, ‘can you put a spa indoors?’ The answer is yes, and we’re going to share some factors you need to consider before installing a spa inside.

Location Within the Home

There’s nothing better than coming home and sinking into your Artesian spa to unwind from the day. But, one thing you don’t want to deal with after getting out is tracking water everywhere.

Not only is this a hassle to clean, but it can also make for a dangerous situation when walking past the spa. So before having your luxury spa installed, consider the best location in your home for the spa.

The area where your spa is should have flooring material the water can drain off of without creating a slip and fall risk for yourself or others. Also, keep in mind you don’t want to put the spa near flooring that will begin to rot after becoming wet.

Room Moisture

When using a Tuff spa or other forms of spas indoors, one thing you’ll have to worry about is the moisture and steam from the spa affecting the walls within your home. If you’re not careful, the steam can cause the growth and buildup of mold, which can be dangerous to your health.

It’s best if the spa is located in a room that features glass walls, but water-resistant drywall is also an option.

The Sanitization System

Because your spa system will be heated, this means that the growth of bacteria occurs at a faster rate than if the water were cold. Before having your spa installed, ask the company about the sanitization system your spa will come with.

Ask them about odorless chemical sanitization options because the last thing you want to happen is the chemical odor to become concentrated, making it challenging to enjoy your time unwinding in the spa.

Reasons People Choose Indoor Spas

If you’re still not sold on indoor spa ideas, there are some benefits you’ll gain from having one. The first advantage is an increased sense of privacy because the spa will be within your home instead of your backyard, where a neighbor could easily peep over and watch you relaxing.

Another benefit is you won’t have to expose yourself to the elements when using your spa. Instead of covering it during the winter, you can have access to your spa year-round.

Lastly, having an indoor spa uses space within the home that would otherwise never get used.

Can You Put a Spa Indoors? Yes, You Can

Still wondering can you put a spa indoors? Not only have we answered that question, but we’ve given you some things to think about before having your spa installed.

Are you still searching for a company with experience installing indoor spas? Then, stop what you’re doing and contact Colorado Custom Spas today. We have two store locations you can visit. One is in Luzerne and the other in Shickshinny. They are both in Luzerne County.

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