Castle Rock Colorado Weather Calls for a Hot Tub Party!

Castle Rock Colorado Weather Calls for a Hot Tub Party!

It’s Hot Tub Party Time in Castle Rock CO

Castle Rock, Colorado weather is perfect for a hot tub (especially for hosting a hot tub party). Cold winters and hot summers with cool nights create the ideal weather to use a hot tub all year round. Even the hot summer months when it reaches 90 degrees or more during the day cool off quickly. Lows in the 50s (even in July and August!) are perfect to relax after a hard day or to host a hot tub party.

Want to learn more about hosting a hot tub party? You’ve come to the right place. Read on for tips to host a relaxing get-together for your family and friends.

Pick a Theme

Whether you’re having your girlfriends over for girl’s night out or a few couples over for a relaxing evening, pick a theme. Plan your food, drinks, and decor around your theme. Some fun examples are wine and cheese, maximum relaxation, or even a holiday-them.

If you want your guests to play along with the theme, make sure you let them know ahead of time! You should also create an inviting atmosphere around the hot tub. Consider outdoor lighting, music, and even floating LED lights in the tub.

Choose Your Guest List

Unless your hot tub is huge, you’ll likely want to keep your guest list small. You want to make sure everyone has ample time to enjoy the tub, so consider how many people your hot tub can hold. Of course, you can have everyone go in the hot tub in shifts if you can’t cut your list down, but your best bet is to keep it small.

Prepare For Forgetful Guests

Whether they forget flip-flops, a towel, or even a swimsuit, have a backup for your guests. Make sure towels or robes are readily available, set out some flip-flops (or slippers in the winter), and have a few extra swimsuits or swim trunks on hand if they forget anything that would limit their ability to really enjoy the hot tub.

It’s also a good idea to set up a few changing areas, whether those are in the bathroom or guest bedrooms. You can put the backup items in these areas as well.

Plan Other Activities

A successful party will include other activities for those who aren’t in the hot tub or for when people get too hot, which is bound to happen. Games, playing cards, or even a movie are options for other activities when guests are done in the hot tub. Other activities are also necessary if you have to enter the hot tub in shifts.

Make Sure The Hot Tub is Clean

Before your guests arrive, make sure your hot tub is clean and fresh. Balance the pH levels and sanitize the water properly. Don’t forget about the walkway from your house to the tub as well. Keep that clean and clear and consider setting a towel near the hot tub entrance if people need to wipe their feet before getting in.

Start Planning Your Next Hot Tub Party

The nice thing about a hot tub party is that you can keep it small and a successful party doesn’t require a lot of work from you. Use these tips to plan a fun and relaxing night the next time you’re in the mood for an intimate get-together.

Are you ready to upgrade your Castle Rock hot tub to a bigger or nicer one? If you do not already have one, can you agree that hosting a hot tub party sounds like so much fun?  Get in touch with us today. We’d love to get you set up so you can invite your family and friends over and enjoy all the fun a hot tub party can bring.
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