What Are the Defining Characteristics of a Luxury Hot Tub?

Luxury hot tub

Searching for the best hot tub for your home can open the door to a variety of questions. When people are early in their process of buying a hot tub, they may wonder what the difference is between a luxury hot tub and an entry-level one. Luxury hot tubs possess certain traits that distinguish them from other hot tubs on the market. One of the ways luxury hot tubs differ from entry-level ones is by the way they’re constructed. 

For instance, luxury hot tubs are often constructed using premium materials like acrylics, whereas entry-level hot tubs often use plastic. Taking this into consideration, the lifespan of an entry-level hot tub won’t be as long as a luxury hot tub. For more insights about the traits that distinguish them from entry-level ones, let’s explore a little more.

Luxury Hot Tubs Possess High-End Design Features

Purchasing a luxury hot tub allows you to reap all the benefits of owning one, while an entry-level one may leave a little to be desired. Not only are luxury hot tubs constructed differently, they’re also equipped with features that entry-level hot tubs lack.

Some of those features include colorful LED lighting, Bluetooth-compatible speakers and more powerful jets. This means luxury hot tubs are better for both hydrotherapy and recreational hot tub use. By investing in a luxury hot tub, you can also save considerably in maintenance and energy costs. 

High-end design features also include touchscreen controls, remote monitoring and app controls, Wi-Fi capabilities, enhanced sanitation options and more.

Luxury Hot Tubs Are More Energy Efficient Than Entry-Level Ones

Even though entry-level hot tubs cost less, they are more likely to lead to increased water and energy costs than luxury hot tubs. That’s because some models of luxury hot tubs are capable of using recycled heat stored in the equipment compartment to help warm the hot tub up to the temperature of your liking. This is instrumental in helping you reduce spending on energy as time goes on. Enhanced insulation features are also a contributing factor to energy efficiency — with the potential to save you big money in the long run.

It’s Easier to Accommodate Multiple People in a Luxury Hot Tub

The fact that bigger is better is another major differentiating factor between luxury hot tubs and entry-level ones. Since luxury hot tubs are often bigger than entry-level spas, they are the best option for anyone planning to host a hot tub party at any point in the near future.

Not only are some luxury hot tubs bigger, they’re also equipped with more comfortable seating than most entry-level hot tubs can offer. The team members at Colorado Custom Spas are experts at luxury spas, and we’re prepared to make the process of helping you find the hot tub you’re searching for easier than you could have ever imagined.

Your Source for Luxury Hot Tubs in Denver and Castle Rock

There are a variety of hot tubs available for you to choose from at either of our locations in Denver or Castle Rock. Whether you’re searching for a hot tub capable of allowing you to listen to your favorite music while you relax, or one simply big enough to hold everyone in your family comfortably, you can find it all at Colorado Custom Spas.

The staff members at both locations are capable of answering any questions you have related to the installation and maintenance of hot tubs, too. If you’re ready to begin the process of searching for the ideal hot tub for your home, get in touch with us today. We would be more than glad to help you find the hot tub you’ve always wanted!

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