Denver Real Estate With a Hot Tub

Denver Real Estate With a Hot Tub

Denver Real Estate With a Hot Tub

Do you own a piece of Denver real estate with a hot tub? What does that mean when you want to sell? Does a hot tub increase property value? Should you sell your hot tub separately instead before selling your house?

What if you’re considering buying a house with a hot tub? What should you take into consideration as a buyer?

Let’s find out the answers to all these questions and more!

Does a Hot Tub Increase Property Value?

Hot tubs can be tricky when it comes to property value. Remember, the property value is subjective and is based on what a buyer is willing to pay. Anything attractive to buyers will increase the sale price of your home.

Some buyers see hot tubs as an asset, but unfortunately, others may see them as an expense.

Thus, hot tubs are generally considered a neutral factor in home valuation. Additionally, above-ground hot tubs are regarded as personal property, much like a washer and dryer, and not a permanent fixture of the property.

However, the more luxurious and higher quality hot tubs and spas such as Bullfrog Spas and Artesian Spas will add to the value of your property. Bullfrog spas are reliable, efficient, and customizable spas with interchangeable JetPak massages. Artesian Spas are also built with the latest in technological advances, providing high-powered hydrotherapy. And do not forget the Tuff Spas, they are just what their name states, “tough”!

Selling a House with a Hot Tub

The first and most important is realizing that your hot tub has been an investment in your enjoyment. Unfortunately, when planning your move, it is now time to think about what to do with it when selling your Denver real estate.

If you are selling your piece of Denver real estate with an in-ground hot tub that significantly adds beauty to your existing landscaping, this can be a great selling point. But keep in mind and remember how much you enjoyed the relaxation, fun, and beauty, so think about constructing a new one at your new home.

If your hot tub or spa is above the ground, you can consider moving it to your new location. Depending on the size and weight, this can be costly.

You can also consider selling it separately on your own. High-quality hot tubs are built to last and can retain their value. If your home’s new buyer does not want the hot tub selling it before the closing is a great option.

If you have an old worn-out, and failing hot tub, you may want to consider removing it before you put your Denver home on the market.

What If You Just Bought a House with a Hot Tub?

What to do when you buy a house with a hot tub? Should you keep it? If you love the idea of a steamy backyard oasis, you might be excited you got the chance to buy a house with a hot tub.

However, some people do not have the need or time to experience the great benefits to justify keeping it. In that case, if your hot tub is up to date with the newest technologies in the industry, a sale can be well worth it.

But keep in mind that hot tubs are like cars; the lesser the quality, the more the hot tub will depreciate and need extensive repairs; therefore, it may not be an easy sell.

If you bought a home with a high-quality hot tub such as a Bullfrog Spa, Artesian Spa, or Tuff Spa you are in luck. They are in high demand for many.

Now You Know About Denver Real Estate with a Hot Tub

So, should you invest in Denver Colorado real estate with a hot tub? It depends on your personal preference. Hot tub installation in Denver is an asset for your enjoyment, but depending on the tub’s quality will determine your Denver real estate property value.

However, do you love the idea of spending relaxing evenings in your backyard with the warm water soothing your aches and pains? Then, by all means, get your hot tub installed today and start enjoying its benefits! Contact us to get started.

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