Do Hot Tubs Help You Fight a Cold?

fight a cold

While nothing can cure a common cold, there are things you can add to help you fight one off. Our favorite thing to add at Colorado Custom Spas is time in your hot tub! Yes, you read that right; a hot tub can help you fight a cold. Who knew fighting off a common cold could be so relaxing? 

The Steam from a Hot Tub Can Help You Fight a Cold

We have all felt the relief from taking a hot shower when we are sick. You are likely familiar with the proven benefits of steam on your sinuses. A hot tub is a perfect place to reap those benefits. Soaking in your hot tub just twenty minutes at a time can help to open any congested parts of your nasal cavity. You can take breaks and hop back in for another round as many times as you like. Letting all of the ick out will have you feeling better in no time.

The Jets on Your Hot Tub Can Help to Ease Aches and Pains

While you are enjoying the steam and the relief it provides, be sure to turn on the jets. The pressure and massage offered will feel like heaven to your achy body. In fact, resting your neck and shoulders on jets can help to relieve headaches associated with the common cold. Take time to enjoy the relief your muscles feel while your hot tub helps you fight a cold.

The Relief from the Hot Tub Can Help You Sleep Better While You Fight a Cold

Once you have relaxed and enjoyed the steam and jets, your body should feel comfortable enough to get some rest. We all know how important it is to rest when you are sick; this is how your body recovers from any ailment. You are also probably acquainted with how elusive sleep can be can you don’t feel good. Anything that can help you sleep when you have a cold is a welcome additive. Relax in your hot tub, then enjoy a little nap before hopping back in your hot tub for more soothing relaxation.

All of These Benefits Can Also Prevent You from Having a Cold to Start With

All of these benefits are great when you are sick, but it would be preferable not to get sick to begin with. Using a hot tub regularly can help your body stay well. The stress you feel in day-to-day life can build up, causing you to get sick. Toxins you encounter can also build up. Using your hot tub daily can help to undo these things. The more you care for your body when you are well, the better your chance of staying well.

If you are currently suffering from a cold, we empathize with you and hope you feel better soon. When you do, come by our Castle Rock or Denver location to let us help you select the perfect hot tub for your home so that you are prepared for the next time you feel sick. We can’t wait to see you!

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