What is a Dual Temperature Swim Spa?

What is a Dual Temperature Swim Spa

Dual Temperature Swim Spa?

Finding it difficult to find a swim spa that fits the needs of both you and your spouse? When your partner wants their water hot and you want it a little on the cooler side, the decision-making process can quickly go from simple to complex. But what if there was actually a way for both you and your spouse to get the best of both worlds?

Moments like this are what the dual-temperature swim spa was made for. This spa will allow you to sit in water that is your preferred temperature while your partner soaks across from you in their own warmth. Seriously, one tub and two temperatures.

If you would like to know exactly how the dual temperature swim spa works and where to get one for yourself, keep reading.

What Is a Dual Temperature Swim Spa

A dual-zone swim spa may sound like a complicated gadget, but it’s much more simple than you’d think. Essentially, this swim spa is one large base that contains two separate tubs. Both tubs are separated by a wall that allows them to have two separate heating and filtration systems.

Typically, the heater on the hot tub side of the spa goes up higher than the heater on the opposite side. Because of this, one side will be cooler than the other. This is the perfect way for you and your spa buddy to get the temperature you both desire.

No more worrying about boiling your friend out of the hot tub. They will have that choice all for themself.

Benefits of Swim Spas

If the dual temperature feature of some swim spas was not enough to persuade you into buying one for yourself, don’t worry. Swim spas have more amazing benefits than just that. Once you learn about them all, you’ll have one in your backyard before you even know it.


If your backyard isn’t large enough to house both a swimming pool and a hot tub, a swim spa can easily take the place of both—especially if it is dual zoned. This is because they have all the features of both a hot tub and a pool all tightly installed in the bass of the swim spa. They will not take up space with heaters, pumps, filters, etc.

All of these things are safely stored inside the spa itself. This feature will save you a lot of space and make swim spa installation a breeze. It also keeps the dual temp swim spa price in an affordable range.

Year-Round Use

If you are a water lover regardless of the temperature outside, a dual-temperature swim spa will feed your need to swim at any time of the year. This is because the heater and cooling systems in the spa can always keep the water at a season-appropriate. You can also move smaller spas inside your home (if you have the space, of course) so your dual temperature spa will not have to battle outside temperatures.

Your spa will always be there for you, even when regular pools are not.

Easy to Clean

Another great characteristic of swims spas is they are easy to clean. In fact, if you partake in regular manual spa cleaning and use the proper chemicals, your spa will stay crystal clear. You can also hire someone to professionally care for your spa if you do not have the time to do it yourself.

This will be a fairly cheap cost for you considering the size of your spa.

Purchase a Dual Temperature Swim Spa

If reading about dual-temperature swim spas gets you excited, it’s time for you to experience their amazing benefits and purchase one for yourself. If you live in the Colorado area, check out Colorado Custom Spas. We have all the information you need and dozens of swim spa models to choose from, including the dual temperature swim spas.

Visit our website today to learn more about us and find the perfect dual-temperature swim spa for you. Contact us today.

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