Everyone Loves a Good Soak: Quick Guide to Custom Commercial Hot Tubs

Everyone Loves a Good Soak: A Quick Guide to Custom Commercial Hot Tubs

Approximately 77 percent of the population in the United States experiences stress.

We also have more ways than ever to alleviate that stress. In the hospitality world, nothing can relieve stress quite like a soak in a hot tub.

Hot tubs are more than just the plastic tub with a couple of jets, though. You can have custom commercial hot tubs installed with features that best fit the mission of your space.

Keep reading to learn about the features and benefits of custom commercial hot tubs.

Options with Custom Commercial Hot Tubs

Science has proven a warm bath alone can reduce stress. The warmth of the water and the pressure on your chest improves your lung capacity and thus allows more oxygen into your system. You’re healthier and more relaxed.

Commercial hot tubs are more than just a warm bath, though. You can add features into the hot tub that turn a warm soak into a full-on luxurious experience. Custom options make this possible.

Custom Aesthetics

As you look at the framing and vibe of the space where you want your hot tub, you can customize the tub to fit the aesthetics of your space.

Look at your architecture. Your hot tub can match the architecture and extend the feeling of the building.

Specialized tubs like artesian spas will make you feel like you’re in a different country.

High-Quality Building Materials

When you customize your hot tub, you can opt for higher quality building materials. You’re not stuck with the stock faucet or resin tub. Make your hot tub look unique and ornate with just the right fixtures and materials.

The spa and tub manufacturer of the twenty-first century will give you a quality tub. Then your hot tub contractors can use high-quality materials to install the tub. A great contractor will give you choices so you can have the best materials for your tub.

Water Features

The water features of a hot tub will create the atmosphere. You can create a soothing atmosphere with massaging jets and spillovers into the pool. You could also create an exciting party vibe with the right fountains and waterfalls.

Think about the real estate where you want to put the tub. What is the atmosphere leading up to it? Then pick the water features that will extend that atmosphere.


With a custom hot tub, you can control the mood with the right lighting. You can get remote controlled lights, LED lights, and even multi-colored lights. You could opt to have custom lighting put into the landscape surrounding the tub for a surreal, relaxing feel.

If you really want to make a bang with your hot tub, ask an interior designer or landscape architect to give you an opinion. The expert will give you the best advice for your budget so you can have a truly beautiful space.

Soak Your Worries Away

Custom commercial hot tubs can turn an adequate area into an amazing area. Whether you’re looking at day spas with hot tubs or hotel hot tubs, custom-built tubs will make your space stand out. People will flock to spaces with the right features surrounding the tub.

For all of your commercial hot tub needs, contact us at Colorado Custom Spas.

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