Guide to Choosing the Best Hot Tub Shell Color

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Hot Tub Shell Color

Most Popular Hot Tub Shell Colors

People often underestimate the importance of color in our world. Not only can it influence the way that people think and feel, but it can sway their reactions and change their actions as well.

That’s why choosing the right color for your hot tub shell is essential prior to installation. You want your spa to be as calming, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Read on for some color choices that will ensure that this is the case!

Shades of White Guide to Choosing the Best Hot Tub Shell Color 1

White is one of the most popular colors for hot tub shells. It’s a classic for a reason: it goes with any other decor that you may have around your spa. It also looks great with any hot tub exterior hue that you may choose since white doesn’t clash with anything.

Additionally, you have multiple options to choose from. Between tranquil cream and bold eggshell, many hues of white offer distinct vibes and influence your mindset in different ways.

The Bullfrog Spa collection offers a beautiful Platinum and Snow-White shell color.

Artesian Spas have a Solid White, Silver Marble, White Pearl, and Mineral White.

Sandy Beige Guide to Choosing the Best Hot Tub Shell Color

Beige is another one of the most popular hot tub shell covers. It’s an excellent color for your hot tub interior. 

Beige can invoke the feel of a sandy beach on a summer day, which is perfect for you to relax in on the weekend after a long week of work.

Bullfrog Spas have the Sandstone, providing the sand appearance, the Pearl Ivory, and The Mirage, which provides a tan marble effect.

Artesian Spas have a Sierra with a granite appearance, an Oyster Opal, and the Tuscan Sun, which is a deeper tan, both having a stunning luster swirl. For a metallic look, the Glacier Mountain has an incredible and impressive look.

Sleek Black Hues Guide to Choosing the Best Hot Tub Shell Color 2

Black is a classic color that creates a feeling of sophistication. It evokes luxury and elegance as well as neutrality and simplicity. Black is one of the best hot tub shell colors.

Ebony’s darkness of coal looks sensational when contrasted with the white bubbles that the hot tub jets create.

Like white, black hues do not clash with other exterior decor colors that you might have, which opens you to limitless decor possibilities.

Are you looking for a black tone with a touch of brown? The Midnight color from the Bullfrog Spa collection is an out-of-this-world color.

Beautiful Blue Guide to Choosing the Best Hot Tub Shell Color

Blue influences people to feel more relaxed and at peace than they otherwise would. Its calming nature makes it the perfect hue for your relaxing oasis.

You can choose both light and dark blue hot tub shells for your tub. It also allows you to mix and match with a different shade of blue on your spa’s exterior.

Blue is trending hot in 2020 and is one of the most popular hot tub shell colors.

If you are looking for a standard deep blue with no effects, the Shaphire from Bullfrog Spas is perfect.

Artesian Spas have a different and spectacular line of blues; Summer Sapphire, Oceanwave Opal, Storm Clouds, Midnight Opal, and Midnight Canyon.

Shining Marble Guide to Choosing the Best Hot Tub Shell Color 3

When choosing a hot tub, you may also want to consider a patterned shell.

Marble is also one of the most popular hot tub shell colors because of its high-class aesthetic.

You can choose black and white marble patterns that offer a lot of internal contrast. However, brown and gray marble is just as popular and gives you a lot of shades to work with.

In addition to the marble effects mentioned above, Bullfrog Spas has a gold marble shell called Sunrise and a grey marble called Cloud. Both are beautiful.

More on Hot Tub Shell Colors

Now that you know some of the best and most popular hot tub shell colors that you can choose from when installing your spa, it’s time to get started!

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Take a look below at a few of our popular hot tub shell colors. Get in touch to see more.

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