H2Woah: Hot Tub Hydrotherapy for Arthritis Pain Relief

H2Woah: Hot Tub Hydrotherapy for Arthritis Pain Relief

How Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Can Offer Arthritis Pain Relief

People have been enjoying the heat therapy effects of hot tubs for decades—the earliest in American history were created by wine aficionados filling old wine vats and barrels with hot water. Hot tubs have since become a luxury item, but they can also be the perfect tool for arthritis pain relief.

If you’re one of the 54 million Americans suffering daily from arthritis pain, a hydrotherapy hot tub should be on your wish list.

What is hot tub hydrotherapy, and why should you explore it as an alternative treatment for your arthritis pain?

Benefits of Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the use of water therapy for health purposes. It’s known for being beneficial for several medical ailments.

While it is most commonly used as a treatment for sports injuries, hydrotherapy tubs can also treat psychological and emotional disorders. The Arthritis Foundation recognizes heat therapy as a way to relax stiff joints, a common symptom of arthritis sufferers.

What makes hydrotherapy so appealing is the ability to install therapeutic spas and hot tubs at home. Anyone can purchase a therapeutic hot tub and increase their quality of life within the comfort of their home.

Hydrotherapy helps ease arthritis pain by increasing circulation, reducing swelling and inflammation, lessening the amount of weight on your joints, providing water massage, and promoting better sleep.

Increases Circulation in the Body

If you have arthritis, you know how painful joints cause decreased mobility, leading to a more sedentary lifestyle.

The more sedentary you become, the more circulation decreases, and inflammation increases. The combination of heat and massaging jets that hot tubs provide helps increase circulation in your body.

This increase in circulation is known to reduce inflammation and improve mobility as well as joint flexibility. Some people report that the benefits can last for hours after engaging in hot tub therapy.

Alters the Sensation of Pain

Heat also helps reduce swelling and inflammation of joints, so physicians commonly recommend heat therapy to relieve body pain.

By dilating blood vessels, stimulating circulation, and reducing muscle spams, heat therapy relieves pain. It also alters the sensation of pain, enveloping your body to relieve pain in several areas all at once.

Reduces Weight on Joints

If you’re not exercising due to joint pain and stiffness, you can use hydrotherapy to move more without pain.

Water’s buoyancy makes you feel lighter, which increases the freedom of movement. Water relieves pressure on your joints by supporting almost all of your body weight.

Provides Massage for Pain Relief

Regular massages can relieve pain, provide a greater range of motion, and improve the way your joints function.

A hydrotherapy tub offers pulsating jets that can provide a gentle massage to pinpoint your joints. The massage also increases the amount of serotonin in your body, relaxing your mind, and improving your mood.

Promotes Better Sleep

Many who suffer from chronic pain complain that sleep eludes them at night. If you fight to fall asleep and stay asleep, soaking in a therapeutic hot tub may offer a more restful slumber.

Soaking in a hot tub around an hour before bedtime will raise your body temperature. As your body cools off, you become relaxed, which helps you fall asleep more deeply.

Find the Perfect Hydrotherapy Hot Tub for Arthritis Pain Relief

If you’re still suffering from stiffness and painful joints, why not give hot tub hydrotherapy a try?

Our highly-trained staff can help you select the best hydrotherapy hot tub for arthritis pain relief. We’re committed to providing the best customer service, and have hope that a hot tub is the holistic wellness treatment you need.

If you’re looking to purchase a hot tub, stop by our showroom or browse our exclusive deals online.

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