3 Top Common Hot Tub Buying Mistakes To Avoid

3 Top Common Hot Tub Buying Mistakes To Avoid

Thinking About a Hot Tub? Hot Tub Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Hot tubs are an exciting addition to any home. Who doesn’t appreciate relaxing in one?

Homeowners and guests alike will love having a personal spa in such close proximity. They’re a fun, straightforward purchase that can bring joy for years and years.

But—one must avoid some common hot tub buying mistakes.

After all, it’s a pricey item that takes up space and requires some maintenance. Hot tub purchase mistakes are inconvenient and costly. If you buy a hot tub without contemplating some of the most important factors, your hot tub experience could turn into more of a fiasco.

Here, we offer three tidbits of advice for making your shopping adventure a great one.

1. Not Considering the Space . . .

. . . Of the hot tub itself or the spot in your backyard where you’ll put it!

First, think about your reasons for buying a hot tub. If it’s something for only you and your partner to enjoy when your muscles are achy, you can get away with a smaller tub with fewer seats and jets. If you’re buying a hot tub for entertainment purposes, you’ll want to look at larger models.

Of course, with more seats comes a bigger size hot tub. Know where you want to put your hot tub and exactly the size tub that will fit there. Forgetting to research this bit proves to be very inconvenient.

2. Forgetting About the Maintenance

Hot tubs require a little bit of work. After your initial transaction, you’ll want to keep regular hot tub maintenance in mind.

Hot tub maintenance covers a few main bases, such as:

  • General, bi-monthly cleaning after draining the tub
  • Cleaning the filter every two to three weeks and replacing the filter on an as-recommended basis
  • Checking and balancing chemical levels
  • Allotting time to ‘air out’ the hot tub by removing the cover often and evaporating moisture

This is one of the more common mistakes when purchasing a hot tub, so be sure to budget time and money for it!

It doesn’t take much effort or minutes out of your day, but it is something you’ll need to account for when buying.

3. Buying for Cost Rather Than Specs

By now, you already know that hot tubs can be pricey. That fact may gear your search toward cheaper options that are more affordable now—but could cost you in the long run.

While it may seem out of the question to go for a more luxurious spa, likely, you won’t regret it. Buying reputable products from household brands mean you’re purchasing something worth its price tag. It’s durable, built to last, and energy-efficient.

If you skimp out now, you’ll regret it later when your hot tub shell or its features begin to break down.

Avoid These Hot Tub Buying Mistakes

When you commit to buying a hot tub, it’s important to be thorough about your purchase.

If you avoid these mistakes when buying a hot tub, you’ll skip over the buyer’s remorse and head straight into relaxation, exactly as you hoped. Take your time, do your research, and invest in something you’ll be proud to own.

Before you leave, there’s one final hot tub buying mistake to avoid—buying from anyone but us!

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