Hot Tub Covers

Colorado Custom Spas can build a custom cover for any shape or size hot tub.  Our custom hot tub covers are built better than the cheaper “internet covers” and are designed to withstand Rocky Mountain sun, wind, rain, and hail.  Our custom covers are backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty.  We also sell OEM replacement covers for several different manufacturers.  (OEM covers carry manufacturer warranty that may differ from our 5 year protection)

How To Measure Your Cover

Hot tub covers

Colorado strong

Is your hot tub lid heavy and waterlogged or is your cover just falling apart from the Rocky Mountain sun, hail, and snow?  Colorado Custom Spas offers high quality hot tub covers that are designed for Colorado’s extreme weather conditions.  Colorado Custom Spa covers are built to last.  Our heavy-duty vinyl has UV inhibitors to protect from Sun exposure.  We offer only the heaviest foam density.  While the lower density foam is fine if you live in a warm climate,  here in Colorado we face lower temperatures and snow loads that can damage an inferior cover.  Our hot tub cover is the absolute best available in the industry.  We guarantee it!

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the toughest spa covers available

Weather-Shield fabric

Our Colorado Weather-shield fabric upgrade is similar to patio furniture/umbrella fabric and is a significant upgrade over the vinyl that most hot tub covers are made from. It is a stronger and lighter weight material designed to withstand the extreme climate of Colorado. Other benefits include:

Available Colors

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Vinyl Cover Collection

Marine-grade vinyl colors

Our premium 30 oz. marine-grade vinyl is treated with mildew and UV inhibitors and is available in 18 designer colors, which provides lasting beauty to match nearly any decor.

Available Colors

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WHY CHOOSE A Custom Spa Cover From Colorado Custom Spas?

What Makes Our Covers Superior?

Tired of sky high energy bills?  Our upgraded 5″ – 3″ tapered covers will insulate significantly better than the standard covers that come with most hot tubs, saving you money on your electric bill.  Don’t settle for another hot tub cover designed with Southern California weather in mind.  Colorado Custom spa covers are the only covers built for the harsh weather conditions of the Rocky Mountains!


2lb Density Foam

Higher density foam not only insulates better, but withstands greater snow loads and absorbs less water.


2" Galvanized Steel Beam

This beam, the strongest in the industry, runs along the back of the taper on each side to strengthen and support the spa cover.


Cover Safety

All our custom hot tub covers meet or exceed all safety standards set by ASTM F1346-91. Safety is one of our top priotities.


Heavy Duty Hinge Design

Our reinforced hinge offers 4 layers of vinyl, adding strength and durability to this high-stress area. Our hinge was put to the test when a Colorado Custom hot tub cover was hooked up to a robot arm which lifted the cover on and off over 6,000 times, with no discernible wear to the hinge!


Heated Sealed Plastic

Our vapor barrier is applied with a vacuum impulse sealer. Unlike the less expensive, handheld tape machines, our impulse sealers use the perfect amount of temperature, pressure and timing to create a perfect seal. Your new cover will stay light-weight and easy to remove for many more years to come.


6ml Plastic Water Barrier

Our covers are made with a specially formulated 6 mil plastic that reduces vapor transmissions and exhibits an unparalleled level of strength and durability. *Failure of the vapor barrier and thus waterlogged foam is the number one reason for hot tub cover replacement


WeatherShield Fabric

Weather shield fabric is a significant improvement over traditional vinyl covers. Not only is it more UV resistant, it looks nicer and weighs 30% less. Colorado Custom Spa covers are designed to withstand Colorado weather and sun. All custom covers can be upgraded to this material.


If you are looking to replace your old water-logged spa cover with a custom cover that's built to last and withstand the harsh Colorado weather, we have the cover for you!