Hot Tub Deals

Hot Tub Deals

Hot Tub Deals

You’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a hot tub. There’s no better way to unwind at the end of a long day than a relaxing soak.

Hot tubs can offer more than just a source of leisure or entertainment.

Studies show that aquatic therapy may offer numerous benefits related to physical and psychological health.

Buying a hot tub can be a wonderful long-term investment, but hot tub prices can be costly if you don’t know where to look.

Keep reading to discover where to find the best hot tub deals for your needs.

Best Hot Tub Deals

When choosing a hot tub, you’ll want to be clear on what you aim to get out of its use. Some common reasons people purchase hot tubs include:

  • Relaxation and leisure
  • Pain management
  • Health benefits
  • Quality time with friends and family

Depending on your desires, hot tubs can come in a variety of sizes and unique features. Here are some of the best hot tubs that can meet your needs, even on a budget.

Best Hot Tubs for the Family

The Tuff Spas TT450 Platinum hot tub is a great option the whole family will be sure to enjoy. It offers various seating depths for parents and children of all sizes, comfortably seating up to seven people.

With fifty jets, this is the full-body therapy spa the whole family can benefit from.

The lifetime warranty ensures your family will get the most use out of this hot tub for many years to come.

Best Hot Tubs for Exercise

Our Tidal Fit Spas are the perfect combination of leisure and exercise. Think of it as a lap pool, hot tub, and home gym all in one.

Ideal for rehabilitation, these spas offer a variable flow water pump for low or high-intensity swims. The LCD touch screen gives you easy access to switch between temperatures and water flow.

Best Hot Tubs for Entertainment

The Bullfrog Spas A9L hot tub is perfect for hosting friends and family. With eight premium seating options, two flex lounge seats, and ample foot room – Bullfrog Spas hot tubs provide the complete entertainment experience.

Large and luxurious, these tubs feature 318 jets with customizable pressure for full-body, at-home therapy.

Enjoy even more customization, with personalized options such as a Bluetooth-compatible surround sound system.

More Hot Tub Deals

If these hot tub styles, are not a deal for you. We can offer spas from our line of Passion Spas and Artesian Spas.

The Best Hot Tubs for Sale

Here at Colorado Custom Spas, we’re passionate about the work we do.

Our trusted team of specialists brings over 75 combined years of experience and knowledge in the hot tub industry to our family-owned business.

We take pride in our team’s diverse backgrounds and unique skill sets; together, we can customize a hot tub to suit your needs and budget.

Our staff of friendly professionals will go above and beyond to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We offer the best hot tub deals so that you can feel like part of the family too.

Contact us today to learn more about our spas and for the best deal in the Colorado area!

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