10 Great Hot Tub Party Entertaining Ideas To Make It Fun

10 Great Hot Tub Party Entertaining Ideas To Make It Fun

Hot Tub Party Entertaining Ideas For Fun

Hot tubs are notoriously popular between dads needing a relaxing soak, college students wanting to party, and kids desiring to feel a part of the older crowd. People who have hot tubs most likely use them at the end of the day for a relaxing evening. However, hot tubs can be utilized in social settings too.

There are so many possibilities for making a hot tub fun by throwing a hot tub party. Are you wondering how can I make my hot tub more fun? Keep reading to find out. Hot tub party entertaining ideas sure to impress.

1. Movie Night

Host a movie night in your hot tub for a change in routine. Having a flick night outdoors is more fun than the average movie night inside.

The only additional materials you need are a projector and a white surface or sheet to project the movie onto. Depending on what kind of movie you play will set the tone for the night.

A comedy can create a welcoming and silly atmosphere in the evening. A dramatic romance, on the other hand, will provide a scenic night to cuddle up with your partner.

2. Spa Night

Hot tubs are perfect for hosting a spa night. Gather a few bottles of wine and your best friends to have a relaxing night using your hot tub. You can do facials, face masks, and have aromatherapy going. Remember, when it comes to aromatherapy, be sure to only use hot tub-safe products like SpaZazz.

3. Game Night

What games can you play in a hot tub? You’d be surprised. Hot tubs are perfect for intimate or drinking games.

Never have I ever, shark, Medusa, two truths and a lie, and what are the odds are all some games you can play comfortably in a hot tub.

They also make waterproof-specific board games.

4. Hot Tub Charades

Charades is another easy game to play in the hot tub. You can switch things up by picking a specific theme for charades. It’s also fun to play charades with teams, so have fun getting competitive with each other.

5. Backyard Party

Another hot tub entertaining party idea is simply to throw a backyard party. Advertise that the hot tub will be a main element of the party.

Provide food by grilling out and have outdoor game activities like cornhole ready for people to play.

6. Stargazing

Another among simple but fun party ideas is to stargaze outside. Suppose you or your friends have a telescope tell them to bring it. Otherwise, enjoy stargazing from the privacy of your hot tub!

7. No Laughing

No laughing is a perfect hot tub house party idea. This game is inspired by the comedians who went into a library and played ridiculous games where they were not allowed to laugh or make any loud noises.

Go around in a circle, trying to make each other laugh. Have a prize for the last one standing.

8. Water Aerobics Party

Depending on how large your hot tub is and how many people you invite to your party, you may have to take turns participating in water aerobics. However, this can be a great way to get exercise while utilizing your hot tub.

9. Word Trails Game

The word trails game starts with one person starting a sentence with one word. Then, go around in a circle with the next person adding one word to the continuing sentence. This should make for a funny and unique story-telling experience.

10. Wine Night

Host a wine tasting evening in your hot tub. Complete the experience by making a charcuterie board and having various wines to sample.

Hot Tub Party Entertaining Ideas – Have Fun With It

Have fun with using these hot tub party entertaining ideas. You don’t have to throw an elaborate event to make your hot tub a fun place to hang out. Spicing up your home by installing customized spas and hot tubs will give your crib the reputation of being the party pad.

You can enjoy a life of luxury by having a hot tub. Contact Colorado Custom Spas here for a custom hot tub that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

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