Hot Tub Privacy Ideas to Create the Perfect Outdoor Escape

Hot Tub Privacy Ideas to Create the Perfect Outdoor Escape

Hot Tub Privacy, Are You Ready?

You’ve purchased your dream custom hot tub, and now it’s installed, waiting for you to enjoy it! Before you catch the eye of your neighbor or passersby, make sure you’ve also installed something to provide some privacy while in your hot tub. Read on and we will show you some hot tub privacy ideas to create the perfect outdoor escape.

No matter the location of your spa, the right hot tub privacy idea can enhance your enjoyment. With an outdoor hot tub, you need enough of an enclosure to give you the perfect hideaway while still enjoying the beautiful surroundings around you. What are the best types of hot tub enclosures? Here are some of our favorite patio enclosure ideas!

A Tree “Fence”

Trees can provide a natural barrier between your hot tub and the outside world. Choose trees that grow into excellent fences:

  • Hybrid Willow Tree
  • Eastern Red Cedar
  • Sky Pencil Holly
  • Leyland Cypress
  • Spartan Juniper

Planting trees that are easy to maintain—while not overpowering your relaxing oasis—provides a rustic feel to your hot tub privacy structure.

A Pergola With Screens

If the idea of maintaining trees or vegetation around your hot tub sounds like too much work, a pergola could be a better option! You’ll maintain an open and airy atmosphere around your outdoor hot tub with a beautiful pergola. Attach screens or curtains that you can move or adjust depending on where you want the most privacy or the time of day.

Pergolas add a classy touch to any backyard oasis, and they can be an excellent solution to enclosing the area around your hot tub.

A Privacy Fence

One of the simplest privacy options is a fence. Choose a type of wood that matches the decking around your hot tub and blends into your backyard landscape. You can build your privacy fence high enough to keep prying eyes away and help you feel more secluded.

You can also choose to enclose only one or two sides of your hot tub to maintain the view from your backyard hot tub.

A Privacy Screen

A portable hot tub privacy screen provides privacy wherever you need it! It’s also an affordable way to enclose your hot tub while using it. When you finish your hot tub session for the day, move the screen aside to show off your luxurious hot tub!

As the sun moves across your backyard or as you want more or less privacy, a wooden screen can adjust to bring you the perfect amount of seclusion and shade.

An Outdoor Umbrella

Add a splash of color and versatility to your hot tub enclosure by choosing one or more large spa umbrellas. Like a portable screen, an outdoor umbrella can move according to where you need the most privacy while enjoying your hot tub.

Hot Tub Privacy Creates Your Perfect Oasis!

No matter what type of enclosure you choose, hot tub privacy creates the perfect oasis for you and your family. When it’s time to select your new hot tub to go with your enclosure, Colorado Custom Spas is here to help. Contact us for a free quote!

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