Hot Tub Sale Anniversary Special 2020

Hot Tub Sale Anniversary Special 2020

With a rise of COVID cases in Colorado, over a two week period, of 153 new cases, up 2.9% per 100k people, homeowners continue to spend more time at home.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in the hot tub and spa sales.

18 Year Anniversary Hot Tub Sale

Colorado Custom Spas are happy to announce and celebrate our 18th anniversary. Unfortunately, it is happening during this unprecedented time of COVID, but we are delighted to offer a considerable discount of 18% on our hot tubs. This is a genuinely incredible sale like no other that you do not want to miss.

We have hot tubs for all from the traditional free-standing spas to an attractive alternative, an in-ground spa. All designs are aesthetically appealing, provide therapeutic features, and are all highly efficient.

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Inground Hot Tubs

If you are looking for an inground hot tub, take a look at our Bullfrog Spa series. Their patented Jet-Pak technology offers a large number of advantages vs. its competitor hot tub models. See a few below.

  • Easy access to most plumbing; therefore, spa extraction by crane for repair is minimal. Note: hot tub extraction is not covered under spa warranties and can be quite costly.
  • Up to 90%, less plumbing provides for more powerful jets, better heat retention, and greater pump efficiency, which all adds up to less potential for leaks
  • Bullfrog spas have the unique ability to be completely upgraded. Jets can be totally redesigned when your therapeutic needs change. This can all be done at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new spa.
  • The Bullfrog series of inground spas are not constructed with any metal or wood, like its competitors. Wood within a spa interior frame will degrade over time, and when a hot tub is inground degrading will be magnified.
  • These spas have over 20 JetPaks to choose from, from soothing to a vigorous, deep tissue massage, there is a massage type for everyone.
  • The most energy-efficient hot tubs on the market today. Its patented system and superior installation enable its users to pay less than $15 per month in utility costs compared to other models, which can cost upwards of $100.
  • Bullfrog Spas provide the only lifetime structural warranty in the industry.

Hot Tubs, Wellness For Every Body

Our Artesian line of spas have a patented water management system (Crystal AOP). Multiple technologies are combined to create sparkling clean water that is pure and healthy for all hot tub users. It has an automatic system set to destroy bacteria with a combination of minerals, UV light, ozone, and micron filtration. This results in a hot tub with no chemical smell and no need to keep adding harsh chemicals.

When the inline@Ease system is added, there will not only be any more odors; your skin will no longer be dry and itchy; it will be smooth and soft. Below are a few of the advantages of an Artesian spa

  • It has patented helix jets that provide better therapy than standard jets found in most other brands. They are exceptional for giving a deep tissue massage.
  • The direct flow system enables each seat to have its own dedicated pump. This allows each user to have full control of the intensity of their massage.
  • Foot jets and neck jets are engineered to provide the perfect massage for each individual’s needs
  • Crystal AOP oxidation.
  • Its fully insulated substructure, high-quality Icynene foam insulation, and particular reflective insulation layer combined result in a highly energy-efficient hot tub.
  • Lifetime warranty on the shell and structure.

Looking for an Indestructible Hot Tub?

Look no further than our line of Tuff Spas. They are the most durable in the industry, built to weather even the most extreme climates. See below a few advantages of the Tuff Spa.

  • Lightweight, therefore, easy to re-locate
  • Low maintenance. Operating is easy, with no complicated programming. Just plug into a 120V, 20 amp outlet, and you are ready to relax and enjoy it.
  • A Tuff Spa is an eco spa that is manufactured using eco-friendly materials; therefore, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) will never be released into the atmosphere.
  • Easy access to plumbing and equipment.
  • The exclusive Tuff Spa Tuff Top hardcover is considered the strongest and most energy-efficient cover compared to other hot tup covers.
  • The spa structure, shell, and cover offer a lifetime warranty.

Swim and Exercise Spas

Tidal Fit Spas provide all of the benefits of a full-size swimming pool, condensed into a hot-tub with an aquatic gym all-in-one. Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional pool? Do you still want the fun and relaxation with less cost and less maintenance? Perhaps you are a physical fitness enthusiast? Take a look at our Tidal Fit Spas. You will be happy with what you see.

Need a Commercial Hot Tub?

At Colorado Custom Spas, we offer a wide array of commercial-grade spas and hot tub options. See a few options below.

  • Most spa models can be custom-built with customizable jet configurations.
  • Models have depth markers, safety handrails, and safety tiles to easily see the edges of the steps.
  • They are built with superior spa shells to increase durability and the lifespan of the spa.
  • They have increased performance capacity, which reduces utility expenses.

Are you Ready to Take Advantage of This Incredible Hot Tub Sale?

Hot Tub Sale Anniversary Special 2020
Let’s get started! Stop by one of our locations, either in Denver or Castle Rock, CO, or click on this link to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you and get you started enjoying a brand new custom hot tub at an amazingly low price.

Due to COVID, hot tubs are selling fast. Do not miss out on this hot tub sale anniversary special offer. Time is running out. Offer ends 11/30/2020

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Castle Rock; 3196 Industrial Way, Unit A, Castle Rock, Co 80109

Hot Tub Sale Anniversary Special Offer 2020

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