Hot Tubs For A Healthy Living Lifestyle

Hot Tubs For A Healthy Living Lifestyle

Hot Tubs For Healthy Living

Sinking into the relaxing depths of a hot tub is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s also extremely good for you! Many people install a hot tub not just because it’s so enjoyable to use, but also because it can form a valuable part of a healthy living lifestyle.

Colorado Custom Spas offer a selection of carefully chosen spas that can be a powerful aid to healthy living. Here we take a look at five different health benefits that hot tubs can provide. We also include product recommendations for tubs that are particularly helpful at providing the health benefit listed.

1. Improves Sleep

Several studies have shown that using a hot tub before bed can improve sleep quality. In addition, hot tubs promote stress reduction, can reduce anxiety, elevate mood and induce relaxation. This suite of mental health benefits leads to many hot tub users feeling less anxious, allowing them to drop off to sleep more easily.

All hot tubs can provide sleep benefits. Try the Artesian Spa range for a high-quality product that provides durable performance.

2. Improving Calorie Burn

There are a number of ways in which time in a hot tub can burn calories. Amazingly, the heat combined with the buffeting action of the spa function puts the body under mild, beneficial stress that increases calorie usage.

If you want to increase your calorie consumption even more, why not invest in a hot tub that also provides you with an opportunity to exercise?

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health

A great way to enjoy healthy living, a hot tub can help to improve cardiovascular health. The hot water causes the muscles in blood vessels to relax, increasing dilation. This leads to lower blood pressure. In addition, the volume of blood entering the heart with each beat increases.

As the heart doesn’t work as hard in the hot tub, it’s a great place to work out! There is an amazing range of pools and spas designed for exercise, each of which could be an excellent choice.

4. Improving Mental Health

As already indicated, using the hot tub regularly can make a marked difference to mental health. Individuals who use hot tubs report:

  • Elevated mood.
  • Reduced anxiety.
  • Better rest (which in turn improves mental health).
  • Improved stress management.

These stunning hot tubs from Bullfrog provide a wonderfully rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

5. Reducing Pain

Amazingly, time in the hot tub has been found to have a beneficial effect on several different types of pain. Not only do arthritis sufferers frequently find their joints are less painful after time in the tub, people with back pain, muscle aches and other forms of discomfort also obtain relief.

Particularly if pain affects your mobility, it’s important to select a hot tub that’s easy to enter and exit. We suggest customers take a look at both in-ground hot tubs and the Tuff selection to find a tub that’s likely to suit their requirements.

Hot Tubs For A Healthy Living Lifestyle

With so many benefits, it’s little surprise that so many families opt to install a hot tub in their yard.

Contact Colorado Custom Spas to find out how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that incorporates regular hot tub sessions.

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