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Spa Happy


Spa Happy - Passion Spas



85 x 79 x 36






277 Gallons




The Happy model is constructed to last a lifetime and was designed with exceptional attention to detail. Improved reclining capabilities (no-float lounger seat), extra lumbar support, and updated massage functions all combine to make this fully-featured model the ultimate choice for personal therapy. Our innovative Aqua Rolling  provides a powerful lumbar massage. The intensity of this massage feature is adjustable. This fully loaded hot tub includes soft air massage, StarBrite LED lighting, and an Aromatherapy System. You’ll fall in love with the bluetooth sound and upgraded low chemical/low maintenance system. No chemical smells or itchy skin.  It isn’t surprising that the Pleasure Spa has earned the distinction of being one of our most popular models.

Personal Design

Each of our four Passion Spa Collections is designed to fit your specific relaxation, therapeutic and entertainment needs. Every spa seat and lounge is ergonomically designed and fitted with a specific and unique jet and massage package for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Pleasing massage

The massage jets in a Passion Spa are placed in such a way to provide maximum therapeutic benefit for you. The massage effects range from the pulsating jets to our exclusive Aqua Rolling Massage™, delivering a range of massage types designed to meet your individual therapy needs.
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Item Number100516
Spa Length84″
Spa Width69″
Spa Height33″
Number of Persons4 Persons
Aqua Rolling MassageYes
Shell ConstructionMultilayered
Maintenance-free Exterior CabinetYes
Number of LED lights in corner panels2
StarBrite LED Underwater LightingYes
Number of Seats3 Seats and 1 Lounger
Number of All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets with Stainless Steel Finish54
Total Number of Jets54
Number of Air Jets13
Number of Zoned Air Controls5
Ozone SystemYes
Floor DrainYes
Amount of Headrests3
Filtration SystemProgrammable Filtration System
Heating SystemBalboa
Amount of LED-Lights16
Audio System with IPOD Docking StationYes
TV/DVD Audio SysteemInapplicable
Speakers2 x Built-in Speakers
Massage Pump 15.0 HP
Massage Pump 25.0 HP
Massage Pump 3Ciculation Pump
Massage Pump 4Airblower
Massage Pump 5Inapplicable
Massage Pump 6Inapplicable
Massage Pump 7Inapplicable
Massage Pump 8Inapplicable
Filtration PumpSingle Filter
Control SystemBalboa
Full Flow Electric Heater5.5 kW
Water Capacity277 Gallons
Dry Weight1166 lbs
Filled Weight0
Insulation3-layer thermal insulation
Electrical Requirements220 V 50 Amp
EAN Code8718836537639
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