Private Label 7946
Private Label 7946

Private Label 7946





79" × 79" × 35 in



The Private Label 7946 six-person hot tub features 46 jets, exclusive LED lighting, and five headrests. The control panel offers user-friendly settings, while the multi-stage filtration system ensures clear water. Polyfoam insulation conserves energy and reduces noise, with a thermal cover enhancing efficiency. Poli-max shell and ABS floor pan provide durability.

The Private Label 7946 six-person hot tub includes a five-year warranty on the spa structure, a three-year warranty on the shell, and a two-year warranty on major components and plumbing.

Private Label 7946

The Private Label 7946 hot tub features ergonomically designed seats and 46 massage jets, with a spacious corner space for neck and shoulder massage. With dimensions of 79 x 79 inches, it offers five standard seats and one lounge seat, accommodating larger groups comfortably. Unique waterline lighting enhances relaxation, and the soft, modern design ensures visual appeal.

The Private Label 7946 hot tub includes various massage seats, such as Relax, Expert, Cool Down, Focus, Body Flow, and Intenso, each targeting different muscle groups and needs. The hot tub control unit allows easy color customization, and the exclusive color therapy lighting consists of 15 LEDs. The multi-stage filtering system ensures crystal clear water, with an ozone generator that eliminates bacteria and algae. The polyfoam insulation conserves energy and provides excellent sound insulation, ensuring quiet operation. The durable thermal cover features full-length hinge buffer seals and UV-resistant outer covers, maintaining consistent quality and thermal efficiency.

Scandinavian Insulation

High-quality, uncompromising Scandinavian insulation ensures water maintains its desired temperature. The 7946 features 1.4 in polyfoam on the side cover and subfloor.

Color Therapy Lighting

Exclusive color therapy lighting features 15 LEDs integrated into the sidewall of the hot tub, enhancing the standard underwater lighting for an elevated experience.