How Hot Tub Lighting Benefits You

hot tub lighting benefits

Owning a hot tub has so many benefits to offer, but did you know that you can also receive chromotherapy hot tub lighting benefits from yours? Colorado Custom Spas experts are fully versed in all the benefits you can receive, including chromotherapy. So what exactly is chromotherapy, and how does it benefit you? 

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is the philosophy that each different color of hot tub lighting benefits you in different ways. This idea has been around for centuries. From the time of the ancient Egyptians to the Romans, chromotherapy has been studied and utilized. We still use it in today’s society. While we have moved past believing that it can cure different diseases, we still study color theory and the effects that it can have on the body. 

How Does Different Hot Tub Lighting Benefit You?

The different colors produced by the LED lighting in your hot tub can have different effects on the body and mind. For example, cooler colors like blue, green, and purple can help to enhance a relaxed and calm mood in people. Warmer colors like orange, red, and yellow can give you more energy, create passion, or even make you hungry! It is truly amazing how our brains work and the effect that colors have on them. The LED lighting in hot tubs may benefit your mood and mental health, especially when added to other hot tub additions like aromatherapy and hydrotherapy.

Red Hot Tub Lighting Benefits

This refreshing color is said to increase blood flow and create feelings of excitement. Use this color while soaking with your partner to create a romantic scene for yourselves.

Orange Hot Tub Lighting Benefits

Orange is another cheerful color that is said to boost your energy and mood, and it is also said to be able to help with digestion.

Yellow Hot Tub Lighting Benefits

The final energizing color, yellow, is cheerful and optimistic. If you are feeling down, yellow should raise your spirits, and it can also help you feel more creative. 

Blue Hot Tub Lighting Benefits

The cooler colors are more geared towards serenity, and blue is no exception. Since it promotes a calm feeling, it can help with anxiety or depressed symptoms that you may be experiencing. 

Green Hot Tub Lighting Benefits

Green is another of the calming colors. This more earthy tone is thought to enhance serenity and health. It is also said to help in reducing cortisol from stress and improve sleep.

Purple Hot Tub Lighting Benefits

Purple is the final cooler color that should also enhance your relaxation, and it is said to help with pain and creativity as well. 

Where to Find Hot Tub Lighting Benefits

Hot tub lighting can enhance your experience during your spa time. Combined with aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, you can work towards the natural healing of your body. Achieving a balance for our moods is no simple feat, especially during the winter months. Let our Colorado Custom Spas experts help you select the best chromotherapy and aromatherapy combinations to add to your hot tub experience. With selections from Artesian®, Bullfrog®, and more, you are sure to find the hot tub that has the perfect hot tub lighting benefits for you and your loved ones. We can’t wait to help you at our Denver or Castle Rock locations. 

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