How Long Do Hot Tubs Last?

How Long Do Hot Tubs Last?

How Long do Hot Tubs Last? The Complete Guide for Hot Tub Owners

According to a 2016 study, sitting in a hot tub may be great for your heart health. Despite this, investing in a hot tub can lead to some questions. How long do hot tubs last? Is the investment worthwhile? How long do plug and play hot tubs last?

Below, we’ll delve into the issues affecting a hot tub’s lifespan. Read on to learn about hot tub depreciation life and if a hot tub is right for you.

How Long Do Hot Tubs Last?

Several factors will influence the lifespan of a hot tub. These include The parts, the design, and the quality of their manufacture.

Its Design

The way a hot tub is designed can influence its longevity. Hot tub maintenance can be made more difficult by some designs and easier by others. Quality designs for hot tubs will ensure parts that need to be replaced are easily accessible.

If repairs or maintenance are difficult, it’s usually due to poor design. For example, bad design often results in the existence of pressure points – places in the hot tub that are likely to break after frequent pressure (such as sitting or standing) is applied.

The design quality is also something that can reflect in the price. Manufacturers invest in an engineer to design and test the hot tub. That price is usually passed on to the consumer in some form.

You never know where companies may try to cut costs. If it’s by hiring a low-cost engineer, you may get a lower quality product.

Hot Tub Parts

On the outside, a hot tub may look simple. On the inside, there are a lot of critical pieces of machinery that make it work. Jets, heaters, pumps, a filter, lights, and more, all work together to keep your hot tub functioning.

The quality of the parts can vary from the hot tub to hot tub. In a general sense, less expensive models have lower quality parts. Lower quality parts and materials are part of the reason the model is less expensive than other choices.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all expensive models automatically have high-quality parts. If you have doubts, speak with the seller. They’ll know more about the brand and model’s history and makeup, and can help you make an informed decision.

How It Is Manufactured

Hot tubs are manufactured by putting all of the parts together to form one unit. The carelessness of assembly can also result in a product that doesn’t last as long as it should. Failing to securely glue or attach parts, missing a seal, or sloppy assembly all lead to problems down the road.

Interested in a Hot Tub?

How long do hot tubs last? Depending on the quality and how well you take care of it, you can expect a hot tub to last anywhere from 5 to 20 years – or more! A hot tub with quality parts, design, manufacture and a little TLC can last decades.

If you’d like to know more about how long hot tubs last, how to find the one with the most longevity and what kind of hot tub is right for you, contact Colorado Custom Spas today. Our complete line of hot tubs or built with the highest design quality, parts and assembly.

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