How To Cool Down a Hot Tub in a Hot Spring and Summer

Reducing chlorine demand in hot tubs while keeping the water sparkling

How To Cool Down a Hot Tub in a Hot Spring and Summer

The record high temperature for the state of Colorado occurred in July of 2019 at 115°F. While average temperatures are lower, an unseasonably hot spring or summer can cause you to wonder, “Can hot tubs be cold?”

Whether you’re interested in new hot tub accessories or just need a cool dip, knowing how to cool a hot tub quickly can be helpful during warm weather. Keep reading to find out how to cool down a hot tub in a hot spring or summer.

Can Hot Tubs Be Cold?

If you’re facing a hot spring season, one of your first questions is likely, “Can hot tubs be cold?” The short answer is yes’ Although, how quickly depends on the method. 

Use the Hot Tub Control Panel

One of the first methods to try when learning how to cool down a hot tub in summer is to use the control panel. The best hot tubs offer you more temperature control and can allow you to turn the temperature down several degrees.

While you can make the tub cooler, it will still be warm to hot. You may need to rely on other methods if you want to know how to cool a hot tub quickly. 

Turn the Hot Tub Off

If the control panel won’t allow you to get your hot tub to the desired temperature, you can try turning it off completely. Some of the best hot tubs also offer a sleep or economy mode so that they don’t maintain their heat.

Cooling a hot tub this way can take a while, though small hot tubs will cool more quickly. If you have a portable hot tub, you can move it to the shade for quicker cooling or use the jets to circulate the water. 

Use a Hot Tub Chiller

If you want to know how to cool a hot tub quickly or keep it cooler longer, consider investing in certain hot tub accessories. A hot tub chiller, while costly, can get you the quickest results. A reputable hot tub store with expert salespeople in the hot tub chiller industry can help guide you to the right chiller for your model. 

Grab the Hose

If you’ve purchased a hot tub during a hot spring season and can’t wait to use it, however, want it to be cool, you can cool it down with your garden hose. This is a quicker and more affordable method than those listed above. 

Suppose you have not filled it yet; you’re in luck. If you have already filled it, drain some or all of the water and refill it with fresh, cool water from the hose. When you turn it back on, keep the temperature as low as possible or keep it off if you don’t need the jets.

How to Cool Down a Hot Tub in Summer – Now You Know

Knowing how to cool down a hot tub in summer or during a hot spring season should be easy with the above guide. The right method depends on your budget and timeframe. Regardless, now you know the answer to, “Can hot tubs be cold?”

If you have questions about your hot tubs or are looking for a new hot tub model, contact Colorado Custom Spas today. For your convenience, we have two store locations, one in Denver, CO and the other in Castle Rock, CO. If you cannot stop by we would be very happy to speak with you by phone as well.

No matter what the season is, a hot spring, summer, fall or winter, we can talk about how you can enjoy your hot tub all year long.

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