How to Create More Privacy Around Your Spa

How to Create More Privacy Around Your Spa

Your backyard spa should be a place of sanctuary, retreat, and relaxation. Without privacy, however, you may feel exposed to your neighbors and therefore less inclined to use your spa. Before hot tub installation begins, consider how to create more privacy around your spa.

Hot Tub Installation for Privacy

How to create more privacy around your spa begins with finding the right location to install your hot tub. Look for a location in your yard or on your deck that feels as secluded from your neighbors as possible. Then decide how you want to maximize your privacy. 

At Colorado Custom Spas, we are experts at hot tub installation. We can even install spas in-ground! We can help you find the right location to maximize your privacy and your spa experience. 

Browse through our hot tub installation ideas and you’ll notice how we include privacy into every design.  

Accessories for Privacy Around Your Spa

If you are looking for a simple way to add more privacy around your spa, consider an accessory such as a hot tub cover lifter, side umbrella, or a privacy screen.

A hot tub cover lifter not only makes it easy to take the cover off of your spa, but also creates a vertical screen when lifted. 

A privacy side umbrella can be positioned at just the right angle to hide soakers from the neighbors.

But, for more complete privacy on 2 – 3 sides of your backyard spa, privacy screens can be positioned. Screen options include lattice, bamboo, wooden slats, or even frosted glass depending on the aesthetic you are looking for. 

Landscaping for Privacy Around Your Spa

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Trees, shrubs, and hedges create privacy around your spa.

To create more privacy around your spa, do not underestimate the power of planned and properly positioned landscaping.

Trees, shrubs, and hedges can be used to create natural barriers, shield prying eyes, and dampen sound. Using evergreens will ensure privacy year-round. Just be thoughtful of your hot tub’s placement due to foliage and other debris. 

Installing your hot tub in a private zone will also make you feel as if you are at a luxury resort instead of your backyard. Creating an outdoor room, like in the picture above, with thoughtful landscaping will truly remove you from the day’s activities. You will have dedicated a place meant solely for your health and wellness. 

This Artesian Spa video also showcases how the right location and landscaping can create a private backyard spa oasis.

Privacy Fence Around Your Spa

Fencing around your spa is a great way to add privacy. Wood privacy fences are popular, but remember the wood needs to be treated and maintained so it doesn’t warp or crack.

Vinyl fencing is an alternative to wood. It never needs to be painted or treated and it repels moisture. Even though it isn’t as strong as wood, it could be a great option for close to your hot tub.

Open Air Structure Around Your Spa

A gazebo, pergola, or pavilion is another great option. In addition to privacy, they also help shield you from the sun and allow room for extra seating to entertain guests. 

You can add landscaping flowers and soft curtains to enhance the beauty and privacy of one of these open-air structures. Some structures can even be built with sliding doors for a completely private and quiet spa experience.

Just remember to add fans for ventilation if you plan on closing off your structure. This will help keep it free from moisture damage. 

At Colorado Custom Spas, we believe everyone should be able to feel the health and wellness benefits that come from owning a hot tub. That’s why we have the largest selection of hot tubs and swim spas in the Denver area.  We have the perfect spa for you at a price you can afford. In addition, we offer financing to make spa ownership even easier. 

Come meet the team in Castle Rock or at our new Denver store today! Customer service is our number one priority. We are here to help with all your hot tub installation needs and questions.

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