How to Decorate Around Your Spa for Fall

A bather in a white bathing suit sits in a spa with fall foliage in the background. The Colorado outdoors provide good inspiration for how to decorate around your spa for fall.

How much do you decorate around your spa? Whether you’re new to spa decor or you’ve been anxiously awaiting a new occasion to dress your space, the start of a new season gives you a great opportunity. With autumn product collections hitting the shelves, there are countless ways to charge your creativity and revamp your relaxation space. 

Here, we’ve drawn up a few of our favorite ways to decorate your spa environment for fall. Incorporate them according to your taste as you relax into the milder days of the year.

Why You Should Decorate Around Your Spa for Fall

It’s fitting that we associate cornucopias with fall because this season is about harvesting the bounty nature provides. Our senses delight in the rich colors, textures, and aromas that comfort us in the crisp weather. With that said, can you picture a better setting for your spa or hot tub than scenic Colorado fall? 

Your spa’s purpose is to deliver a premium sensory experience. Why not optimize the experience with the addition of visual, tactile, and sweet-smelling details? The following are economical options in each of those categories.

Aromatherapy Accessories

It’s hard to beat some well-placed aromatherapy when it comes to creating your private paradise. In addition to the warm, rolling waters in your spa, high-quality aromatherapy products promote several research-backed benefits including reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, and boosted mood. 

Fall comes with a suite of indulgent scents that make something as simple as breathing a real treat. Spicy scents like cinnamon, ginger, clove, and the ever popular pumpkin spice help create a warm, cozy atmosphere. So do coffee, vanilla, or even a rich floral scent, like rose. 

These scents are available in a variety of products from scented candles, aroma sticks, and even additives you pour into your spa water that don’t upset the water chemistry. For added autumn flair, store your products in rustic containers (e.g., ground lanterns for the candles, mini oak barrels, galvanized tin buckets, earthenware, etc.).

Floral and Plant Life

Speaking of aromas, let’s talk about flowers. Not only do they contribute some subtle, uplifting fragrances to your spa environment, but they can make your space look especially welcoming. 

Little bursts of color from fall favorites like petunias, marigolds, garden mums, and begonias compliment the vibrant mixtures in the turning foliage. If you want to go for a gold medal in seasonal decorations here, hollow out a pumpkin and put a bunch of flowers inside it. 

Or you could skip the flowers and go with cold-hardy plants such as succulents, aloe, and agave. Whatever your preference, a few items from nature will help you maintain your sense of thriving when using your spa.

Mats and Rugs

Oddly, lots of people overlook a big canvas when decorating: the ground. Dress the pathway around your spa with an outdoor rug or no-slip, natural fiber mats to create an area that is both safe and stylish. Even welcome mats with fall themes will work nicely. 

Wall Decorations

For the finishing touches, look to the walls that are surrounding or near your spa. Consider if an elegant wall decoration may enhance the empty spaces. Maybe an iron wall planter or a lantern would be lovely. Remember that string of curtain lights you packed away in storage? This may be the perfect time to take them out again. Even if it’s just a few vintage-looking hooks to hang your towel and bathrobe on, one or two strategically placed wall elements can go a long way in elevating your space.

Spa Inspiration for Denver Homes

The best inspiration for fall decorations around your Denver hot tub or spa are right outside your window. Simply take in the scenery, and let your imagination wander to the most luxurious sensory experience the season has to offer. Then, contact us at Colorado Custom Spas. We’ll show you how each of our brand name hot tubs and spas make every season enjoyable.

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