How to Decorate Your Hot Tub for Valentine’s Day

how to decorate your hot tub for Valentine's Day

Whether you are looking for a romantic date for two or a party for friends and family, a hot tub is a perfect spot to spend Valentine’s Day. How do you decorate your hot tub for Valentine’s Day? The experts at Colorado Custom Spas will have you ready to host the most romantic date or fun party this year in just a few easy steps! 

Change your LED lighting options to pink or red to decorate your hot tub for Valentine’s Day

The first and easiest way to decorate your hot tub for Valentine’s Day is to turn your LED lighting to pink or red! With just the push of a button, you can feel more festive with the colors of the holiday. The color red evokes passion in us, according to chromotherapy, which is why it is associated with the holiday. The lights are an effortless way to get into the holiday spirit. You can use this for a group setting or for a romantic evening.

Add aromatherapy products to your hot tub for Valentine’s Day

Another simple way to get in the spirit of the holiday is to add aromatherapy products to your now pink or red water. Something like Love Potion or Strawberries and Champagne from Spazazz is a perfect addition to set the mood in your hot tub! Adding a bit of aromatherapy can fully immerse you and your guest in a seasonal experience you won’t soon forget.

Hang waterproof decorations to decorate your hot tub for Valentine’s Day

This idea definitely lends itself to a more festive group setting. Adding in some plastic or other themed waterproof items will enhance the overall feel when you decorate your hot tub for Valentine’s Day. You should be able to find these online at big box retailers or in party stores easily. 

Drop rose petals leading to and around the base of the hot tub

A more romantic touch to decorate your hot tub for Valentine’s Day is to drop rose petals leading out to and around your hot tub. The sweet touch can really enhance a romantic mood to create a fantastic date night. Be careful not to get them in the hot tub itself, as it could interfere with filtration or cause your water to become imbalanced. 

Throw in some plastic flutes and charcuterie for two

The final romantic touch is to grab some plastic flutes to share a celebratory drink with your partner. You can also throw together a charcuterie board for snacking if you want. These little touches will have your space feeling festive in no time.

If you are looking for the perfect place to host a party or have date night all year long, come by our Denver or Castle Rock location to see all the hot tub options we have to offer. Our consultants are ready to help you select the perfect addition to your home, no matter what holiday it is. We can’t wait to help you celebrate each and every day this year.

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