How to Exercise in a Swim Spa

Are you looking to improve your overall health or for an alternative to traditional low-impact exercises? Are you wondering where to find the best swim spa in Colorado? At Colorado Custom Spas, we can meet your needs. We have the best selection of swim spas in the Denver area. We can also show you how to exercise in your swim spa. 

As the name suggests, a swim spa is perfect for swimming. However, exercise in a swim spa is great for other low-impact activities that improve endurance, core stability, and muscle strength. 

The water helps to support your body and joints during exercise while the current provides resistance. Add the additional features of stationary resistant swimming, rowing bars, and resistance cords for a complete full-body workout that is easy on your joints. 

Before you begin any exercise routine, make sure to consult your doctor. Read on to discover how to exercise in a swim spa from Colorado Custom Spas. 

Benefits of Exercise in a Swim Spa

Exercise in a swim spa is great for almost anyone at any fitness level. A wonderful feature of a swim spa is the ability to adjust the current. 

As you increase your endurance and overall fitness, you can increase the difficulty of the current. The current forces you to use stabilizer muscles in your abdominals and back. This helps to increase your balance and prevent future injury.

Warm Up Exercise in a Swim Spa

Before any workout, you need to warm up. To warm up in your swim spa, you can begin with a few easy stretches. Next, set the current to a low level and walk, jog, or swim lightly for around five minutes. 

Instead of swimming against a current during the warmup, you might prefer swimming with a tether. 

How to Exercise in a Swim Spa: Cardio

Swim spas are perfect for cardio workouts. The best part is you can adjust the spa current to your liking. 

You can even choose a pre-programmed workout or perform exercises on your own. 

Some great cardio exercises are:

  • Swimming in place against the current
  • High knees against the current
  • Rowing
  • Jogging in place

Cardio exercise in a swim spa can help improve your heart health, manage blood pressure, regulate weight, and improve your overall mood.

How to Exercise in a Swim Spa: Strength Training

Additional features like rowing bars and resistance cords help tone your muscles.

Strength training in a swim spa is low impact and helps to sculpt lean muscles. 

Building strong muscles can also help protect your joints, improve blood flow, and boost mobility and flexibility. For strength training in a swim spa, simply use the rowing bar, resistance cords, or water weights.  You can do strength exercises with or without the spa current. 

Some great strength training exercises include:

  • Bicep curls
  • Squats
  • Seated rowing
  • Tricep kickbacks

How to Exercise in a Swim Spa: Core

Core exercises in a swim spa help promote better posture, reduce back pain, increase balance and stability, and sculpt a leaner tummy.

Core exercises that are ideal for a swim spa are:

  • Trunk rotations
  • Lower ab crunches
  • Bicycles 
  • Pikes

To increase the intensity of these exercises, amp up the swim spa current. 

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