How Tuff Spas Stand Up to Colorado Winters

Tuff Spas

Tuff® Spas are some of the most durable spas on the market. At Colorado Custom Spas, we know they are one of our favorite brands to provide for your Colorado home. Our harsh winters can be tough on anything that is left outdoors. Tuff Spas can easily stand up to the challenge of a Colorado winter though.

Tuff Spas are the only plug-and-play option to still heat the water while running the jets

Tuff Spas are incredible options on the market to still be able to run both the jets and heat the water simultaneously when converted to 220V power. This will be an excellent start to fighting those cold Colorado winters! Enjoy your jets while keeping the water toasty warm despite the weather conditions. 

They all have insulated bodies made from eco-friendly material

Tuff Spas also have thoroughly insulated bodies to keep them energy efficient. The eco-friendly material is made from recycled denim. This process helps to protect our environment on multiple levels AND save you money while doing it. What more could you ask for in a hot tub?

Tuff Spas have hard underside to insulate further and protect them

These fantastic hot tubs are also constructed with hard bottoms to help protect and insulate them. With a rigid base, you can place them on any flat surface and be good to go. Other hot tubs would require a cement slab to be in place to keep them safe and secure. Having a hard bottom makes these spas more cost-effective to install and get up and running quickly. 

They are made with an interlocking insulated cover

With most hot tubs, you’ll receive a vinyl cover that will need to be replaced from time to time. Tuff Spas are made with solid, interlocking, insulated covers. With the warranty, you won’t need to replace these covers with traditional ones. They can even double as a shelf when open to hold drinks, towels, or other items.

Tuff Spas’ covers are designed to drain water or melting snow

The hard top design allows water to run off quickly, further protecting your cover. They have grooves built into the hard material that will let the water runoff or snow that is melting to escape. This will keep you from having to clean off the top of your hot tub cover all the time to maintain its lifespan.

Tuff Spas are made unlike any other hot tub. With convenience, energy efficiency, and durability in mind, these hot tubs are an ideal choice for anyone dealing with harsh weather conditions like those in Denver and Castle Rock, Colorado. 

If you are looking for a new hot tub this year, come to the most extensive showroom in the state of Colorado and see all that Colorado Custom Spas has to offer. Even if Tuff Spas aren’t what you need, our expert consultants will help you search and test out our offerings of incredible hot tub options until we find the perfect fit for you. We can’t wait to see you in the store!

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