Is a Luxury Spa Worth the Money?

Is a luxury spa worth the money?

For anyone who has ever spent time in a hot tub, you understand the therapeutic benefits. But what you may not understand is why luxury spas cost more than others. And you may wonder, is a luxury spa worth the money

At Colorado Custom Spas we know hot tubs, and we make customer service our priority. We are here to help the Denver and Castle Rock communities find the best hot tub for their household. 

Our family business truly cares about you, your family, and the value of the money you spend. 

So, let’s take a look at why a luxury spa costs more and how spending more upfront can actually save you money over time. 

Why Does a Luxury Spa Cost More?

A 20-minute soak in a spa comes with numerous benefits. Soaking in a spa reduces joint and back pain, eases sports-related soreness, increases circulation, and soothes mental stress. Time spent together in a hot tub can also strengthen bonds with close family and friends.

Rather than providing these therapeutic benefits, a low-quality spa could increase your stress. 

With a lower quality spa, you may have more maintenance issues, uncomfortable seating, poor performing jets, and cooler temperatures due to inferior insulation.

Investing in a luxury spa could avoid these issues and actually save you money over the life of your hot tub. 

A high-quality hot tub is more energy efficient, made from sturdier materials, possesses more powerful jets, incorporates comfortable seating, and utilizes state-of-the-art insulation techniques. A high-quality spa is less likely to leak and requires less maintenance over the life of the spa. 

Over time, less maintenance equals more money in your wallet and more quality time in your spa.

In addition, top-of-the-line spas are designed to be beautiful. A luxury spa will enhance your backyard aesthetic and not distract from it. 

At Colorado Custom Spas, our knowledgeable staff can help you choose from a variety of hot tub models. But let’s look more closely at two of our incredible luxury spa brands.

Artesian Luxury Spa

Artesian Spas are dedicated to innovative craftsmanship and keeping jobs in America. They have been making high-quality spas for over 30 years. And with four top lines to choose from, there is a hot tub for every budget and therapy need.   

Artesian Spas are engineered to last a lifetime. Each comes with a lifetime warranty on the shell and structure of the tub, and they are also energy efficient. The Artesian Elite even has seven patented hydrotherapy pumps as well as a personal control system that is fully customizable to each individual!

On top of all that, these spas use a patented water filtration system which requires less chemicals than other hot tub brands. This patented system is automatic and destroys bacteria while giving off zero chemical odor. And all you have to do is “set it and forget it.”

Bullfrog Luxury Spa

Bullfrog Spas are another great luxury spa option. They come in five different models and have extreme jet power and energy efficiency. 

They utilize a patented system to create modular seating with different massage configurations. Each configuration can be customized exactly to your liking. 

This patented JetPak Technology system never diverts power from other jets. There is full power in every seat — even with all the jets turned on. 

Bullfrog Spas are also very energy efficient. They utilize recycled heat. The heat that is built up in the equipment compartment gets returned to the water in the hot tub. This helps save you money on your energy bill over the long term. 

Do you see a spa model that has caught your eye? Come see us at our Denver or Castle Rock location to discover how the amenities of a luxury spa are well worth the cost. We will help you find a luxury spa that will fit all your therapeutic and budget needs.

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