How to Manage Water Chemistry Before and After a Holiday Hot Tub Party

Holiday hot tub party

Hosting a holiday party can be so much fun! Preparing to host can be another matter altogether, though. Take some of the stress out of your holiday planning this year by simplifying things and hosting an intimate hot tub party for your friends or family! There are only a few simple steps to ensure your hot tub is ready, and our experts at Colorado Custom Spas have them here to help you get there!

1. Clean Your Hot Tub

This step is a simple one. You can grab some white vinegar or a mild cleaner and start wiping down the hot tub. Get around any headrests or jets and remove any dirt or build-up present. This will guarantee that your spa is glistening, and your water is perfect on the day of the party. 

You can also wipe down your cover if it has anything on it. If it has a smell, you can use a brush, bleach, and water to wipe it down and eliminate any unwanted aromas. This will allow guests to focus on the event’s fun instead of on curious sights or smells. 

2. Balance Your Water

After giving everything a good little rub down, it is time to balance your hot tub water like you usually would. Grab a test strip and check to see that everything is in order. Add the chemicals you need and check again to be sure the water is completely balanced. 

Colorado Custom Spas everything to manage water chemistry if you need any supplies. We will also help you troubleshoot if you have trouble balancing your water. 

3. On the Day of the Hot Tub Party, Add More Sanitizer 

Since you will have more people in your hot tub for the holiday party, you will want to be sure your spa has what it needs to keep up. Add extra sanitizer the morning of the party and let it do its thing in the water. 

You may also take this time to hose down your filter to be sure it is as clean as can be to keep up with the task at hand. If it is time to replace the filter, this is also an excellent time to do so and save yourself some work later.


You are ready to host your friends and family for the holiday hot tub party of their lives. Have a blast together as you party to the max.

5. Add Tennis Balls to the Water and Rebalance

After the fun is over, make sure your hot tub can catch its breath by adding in a few tennis balls. They can go directly in the water or the skimmer to help soak up oils and other things from all the different bodies in the water. 

Take time to test your water again and be sure everything is still balanced after all the fun. Preventing issues from arising is always the best plan of action when you own a hot tub. 

Using these easy tips, your holiday hot tub party will be a bash people won’t soon forget. Let our experts at Colorado Custom Spas know if you still have questions or concerns. We cannot wait to help you.

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