Should I Buy a Bullfrog Spa?

Should I Buy a Bullfrog Spa?

Should I Buy a Bullfrog Spa? Everything to Know

Back in the day, when people said they had a hot tub, you knew what you were getting into a circular pool with hot water (sometimes bubbling if things were fancy). But nowadays, there are so many different kinds of hot tubs that it’s hard to sift through all the choices to find the option that’s best for you.

However, one option stands out among the rest, and that’s the bullfrog spa. But what is the bullfrog spa, and it is a good fit for you?

Well, we’re glad you asked. We’re here to give you this guide on everything to know before you buy a bullfrog spa!

But enough preamble! Let’s dive right in (pun intended)!

What is a Bullfrog Spa?

A Bullfrog Spa is a special kind of hot tub that has seats installed around the inside wall of the tub. These seats contain special JetPak massagers that you can customize to target specific areas of your body like your spine or neck area. Not only is this hyper-relaxing, but it’s also great for removing the stress and aches of the day.

Health Benefits

But Bullfrog spas boast more than muscle relaxation when it comes to health benefits. For example, the warm water helps to increase the blood flow in your body, which improves your oxygen levels and lowers your blood pressure. This decompression can also help aid those who have trouble sleeping.

On top of that, hot tubs can trigger the release of endorphins in your body. This will help to calm you and lower anxiety levels.

Other Benefits

Another benefit of Bullfrog spas is that they are far less wasteful than other hot tubs. This is due to the innovations in the tub’s plumbing.

Before, water pressure had to get re-routed from valve to valve to achieve maximum power in any one section of the tub (similar to how your shower works). Bullfrog spas offer the same level of power without having to take resources from other parts of the tub and have less plumbing to boot! This brings the installation cost of Bullfrog spas down too.

Bullfrog spas also do not require a lot of hassle to be cleaned. They do a lot of passive cleaning thanks to the special water filters installed inside them, which removes dirt and debris from the water to keep it clear and clean. These filters can then get cleaned with ease and operate without interrupting any of the other procedures in the tub!

Your New Destination? Relaxation

And there you have it! Now that you have this guide to everything about bullfrog spas, you’re ready to make the choice if it’s a good fit for you today!

And if you want to grab one pronto (or look at the other types of hot tubs out there), contact us and let us know how we can help! After all, the folks here at Colorado Custom Spas are very skilled in their respective fields and have been in the industry for years!

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