3 Common Spa and Hot Tub Heating Problems

3 Common Spa and Hot Tub Heating Problems

Heating Issues That Are Common With Spas and Hot Tubs

Are you experiencing spa and hot tub heating problems? If you have started to read this blog article then most likely you are. Keep reading as we hope our guide to hot tub heating problems will help you further.

When you own a hot tub, you may look forward to time spent in the warm water while stargazing. Unfortunately, it’s common for heating issues to develop at times, which can make it difficult to use the feature.

There are a few issues to be aware of, and we’ll discuss how to repair them to restore the operation of your spa or hot tub.

1. Why Is My Hot Tub Taking So Long to Heat Up?

You may notice that you have to wait a lot longer for the water to get warm before you can hop into the spa. There is likely an issue with the pump, water heater, or the jets if it’s failing to heat as quickly as it once did. The components may have wear or damage and require a replacement to ensure the water can heat quickly again.

2. Why Is My Hot Tub Temperature Dropping?

Your hot tub temperature may start to drop once it gets warm because of a low flow. You may find that your hot tub won’t heat past 99 degrees and perhaps only heats up to 84 degrees. This is often due to the filter becoming clogged and dirty, making it necessary to replace the part. The filter is fairly easy to remove and clean out if it has a reusable design.

Additional causes of flow issues include a low water level, closed valves, blocked drain covers, and clogged pipes. A professional can take a close look and inspect the different parts to diagnose the issue and perform the necessary repairs.

There may even be a problem with the thermometer that is installed on the feature, especially if it has a dial. A sensor bulb may have corroded, or some of the internal components may be faulty due to wear.

3. How Do I Stop My Hot Tub From Losing Heat?

It’s common for hot tubs to lose heat, which can increase your energy usage and electric bill each month as you turn it back on to increase the temperature. Fortunately, this is a simple fix.

It’s likely that the hot tub needs more insulation to keep the heat in and prevent it from transferring out of the tub. You can start by adding garbage bags with insulation into some of the cabinets.

It’s also necessary to hire a technician to check the connections and parts to ensure everything is working correctly. The filter is one of the main parts to inspect because it turns into a flow issue.

Recognizing Spa and Hot Tub Heating Problems

Understanding some of the most common types of hot tub issues can make it easier to recognize the problems and know what steps to take. This will ensure you can continue to use your spa and increase its longevity to ensure you get plenty of use out of it in the coming years.

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