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Strong Spa Dealers

Colorado Strong Spa Dealers

Spas are among the most deeply relaxing places in the world. A soak in a hot tub can calm you down and ease bodily tension in an unrivaled way. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a hot tub for yourself, you’re not alone.

One of the best hot tubs on the market is those made by Strong Spa. Strong Spa delivers state-of-the-art, lifetime-lasting hot tubs that are sure to bring you and your family much-needed relaxation.

“That’s great,” you think, “but are there any Strong Spa dealers near me?”

We at Colorado Custom Spas have your solution! We’ve been serving Denver and Castle Rock customers as well as residential and commercial property owners far beyond for years, providing them the best deals in the area. If you’re interested in a new spa, we’ve got what you need!

Why a Strong Spa? First, They Lead in Technological Innovation

Strong Spa has been an innovator in the hot tub industry for decades. They frequently revise their leading technology, never allowing it to grow stale. Three of their primary features now are as follows.

First, their Dura-Shield Hardcover provides excellent protection, capable of holding 1000 pounds. Its thorough insulation and closed-cell foam keep cold air out while retaining heat.

Second, their cover has never been easier to put on! By simply inserting a Dura-Shield key and giving it a quick twist, you can lock the cover in place. The key port also has a guard that protects the inner workings of the tub.

Lastly, their Dura-Shield Base is the strongest out there. It’s pest-resistant and does an excellent job of retaining heat, saving you energy costs.

Excellent Hydrotherapy

Many adults experience tension or pain in such places as their neck, back, hips, or shoulders. A hot tub can go a long way to easing pain and tension.

Strong Spa hot tubs work to target these various body points through massage jets and comfortable seating. Not only can this ease short-term muscle tension, but it can also bring relief to arthritic joints.

These jets have many other benefits, such as increasing blood circulation, reducing blood pressure, and making it easier to fall asleep at night.

Year-Round Usage

Many people think of hot tubs as being like a swimming pool. They’re great for a few months, but when the weather gets frigid, it’s time to close them up.

If you think this is true, then reconsider. Strong Spa’s insulation and construction enable their tubs to function throughout the year. If you want to warm up on a cold winter’s night, these tubs are there for you.

Why Colorado Custom Spas?

We have the best hot tub selection of all Colorado spa dealers. More importantly, though, we don’t just care about selling units. We want you to have the hot tub you always wanted whether it’s a Strong Spa or another great brand.

We offer ideas for how to set up your hot tub, resources to help you navigate their technology, and advice on what to choose from.

If all this sounds irresistible, get in touch with us so we help you find the perfect hot tub and to purchase a new spa today!

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