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Designed to help people live healthy, peaceful lives, Bullfrog Swim Spas are engineered to tackle stress, relieve pain, and offer a luxurious space for therapy, relaxation, and exercise. Bullfrog’s patented JetPak therapy system, along with their anatomically tuned swim current and exercise equipment combine to create the perfect home wellness product.

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JetPak Therapy System™

Create a custom massage experience with the unique removable JetPak Therapy System. Bullfrog Spas are world renowned for having the best massage jets in the world. Their patented JetPak system allows you to choose from 20 different massage packs and place them in any seat. No other swim spa or exercise pool has this level of massage therapy.

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Pre-Programmed Workouts

Experience total body fitness improving heart health, increasing muscle, and weight management support with the pre-programmed workouts and drills, designed for every level of fitness. Or, customize a personal workout by choosing your own intensity settings.

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Superior Swim Current

Bullfrog Spas has designed the swim current jetting to provide the perfect current to keep your body and legs horizontal, while easily staying in the swim lane. Most spas use generic jets to create flow. Bullfrog has engineered the perfect swim current system that will outperform every other swim spa and exercise pool on the market.