Wellis Swim Spas

Wellis® Spa offers energy-efficient swim spas designed for both exercise and relaxation. Our SwimLine series features a counter-current system, Scandinavian insulation, LED lighting, and smart control systems. Built with durable materials and reliable components, Wellis swim spas enhance your health and wellness while providing long-lasting quality.

Peaceful Body. Peaceful Mind. Peaceful Home.

Health Benefits of a Swim Spa

At Colorado Custom Spas, we prioritize health and wellness by offering energy-efficient swim spas designed to challenge your body and relax your mind. Swim spas provide numerous benefits, including improved circulation and cardiovascular health. They aid in stress relief through low-impact exercise and help manage pain with warm water hydrotherapy. Swim spas also assist in muscle relaxation, reducing tension and alleviating soreness. Our Wellis® SwimLine series combines effective workout programs with soothing massages, ensuring you can maintain your health and well-being in the comfort of your home. Enjoy the benefits of a premier workout and relaxation experience with Wellis swim spas.

Wellis Swim Spas

Wellis SwimLine Series Models

The SwimLine series offers an optimal workout and massage experience with minimal space requirements. Wellis’ counter-current system provides the sensation of relaxing in a swimming pool while delivering a premier workout, allowing you to care for your body and mind in the comfort of your home.

Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

What Is the Difference Between a Hot Tub and a Swim Spa?

Understanding the distinction between hot tubs and swim spas can help you make the best choice for your home. Swim spas offer similar benefits to hot tubs but are larger, accommodating exercise and swimming. Built-in swim jets provide a current for stationary laps or water aerobics. They combine seating and massage jets with space for swimming, making them ideal for exercise and socializing.

Key Features

Wellis® SwimLine Swim Spas

The SwimLine series from Wellis® Spa offers an optimal blend of workout programs and massage experiences with minimal space requirements. Utilizing a counter-current system, these swim spas provide the benefits of swimming pool relaxation and a top-tier workout while allowing you to take care of your body and mind at home.

Wellis swim spas are among the most energy efficient on the market, featuring a patented combination of streamlined elements to reduce energy consumption. The Scandinavian insulation option includes an air chamber in the swim spa floor plan, naturally regulating temperature and reducing strain on heating and cooling systems. Additionally, LED lighting in our swim spas consumes 50-90% less energy than traditional bulbs. The smart control system enables remote control of temperature and jets, offering convenience and further energy savings.

At Colorado Custom Spas, we prioritize offering premium wellness products designed to last. Our Wellis swim spas are constructed with a unique 6.3 mm thick polyurethane-reinforced acrylic material from Plascolite and Aristech, ensuring a durable and robust hot tub body. For continued reliability, we collaborate with the Gecko Alliance Group, a globally trusted source and leading manufacturer of swim spa pumps and control systems.

The quality and craftsmanship of Wellis swim spas stand out in every detail. From the energy-efficient features to the robust construction materials, each swim spa is built to offer a superior experience. The combination of durability, energy efficiency, and advanced control systems makes Wellis swim spas an excellent choice for those seeking the benefits of both relaxation and exercise.

Wellis Swim Spas

The Wellis® SwimLine series offers energy-efficient swim spas with Scandinavian insulation, LED lighting, smart controls, durable construction, and advanced counter-current systems for relaxation and exercise.

Wellis Swim Spas