550 × 235 × 147 in



Experience the adjustable Amazon W-Flow swim spa, designed for both relaxation and workouts. Its six-speed W-Flow system allows for customizable swimming programs, accommodating various fitness levels. The spa's semi-cabinet design ensures easy installation, while the in.touch 2™ application provides separate control for massage and swimming functions.

The Amazon W-Flow swim spa includes a 10-year warranty on the shell structure and a five-year warranty on engineered parts.


Experience the luxury and versatility of the Amazon W-Flow swim spa, designed for both relaxation and invigorating workouts. Ideal for swimming enthusiasts, this spa combines the functionality of a hot tub and a fitness pool. The W-Flow system offers six-speed levels, from gentle floating to intense exercise, with adjustable flow rates between 0.4 and 2.5 km/h. Its semi-cabinet design simplifies installation, requiring no extensive groundwork.

The Amazon swim spa features a prestigious look with a width of 235 in. and a length of 550 in. It offers precise swimming conditions with a flow width of 50-60 cm and balanced water flow direction. The in.touch 2™ application allows separate control of the massage and swim functions, while the In.Grid heat pump connection reduces heating costs by up to two-thirds. With mechanical elements separated from the hydro-space, repairs are straightforward without draining the water. Enjoy tailored workouts and ultimate relaxation with the Amazon W-Flow swim spa.

Aquasol Pro Sound System

The Aquasol™ Pro 4.1 sound system features a four-channel amplifier with Bluetooth®, a waterproof controller, a 100 W subwoofer, and four built-in speakers.

W-FLOW System

The Wellis-FLOW system offers six adjustable speed levels for a customized swimming experience, transforming the SwimLine spas into professional training machines.