14.8 x 7.7 x 4.8 ft



The Danube W-Flow swim spa provides adjustable water flow for both relaxing moments and vigorous workouts. Its innovative design features two seats, illuminated fountains, and an increased swimming area. The W-Flow system offers customizable swim programs with adjustable speeds and flow rates, ensuring an optimal training experience. Enjoy unparalleled swimming and massage benefits.

The Danube W-Flow swim spa includes a 10-year warranty on the shell structure and a five-year warranty on engineered parts.


The Danube W-Flow swim spa offers powerful, adjustable water flow for both relaxing moments and vigorous workouts. This model combines unique training solutions with customizable settings to create the ideal swimming program. Equipped with two seats, the Danube provides both a perfect massage experience and an exceptional swimming environment. The innovative filter compartment increases the swimming area by over 50 cm, while double-sided illuminated fountains enhance the spa’s aesthetic appeal.

The W-Flow system allows users to select from six-speed levels, adjusting flow rates from 0.4 to 2.5 km/h. The system ensures balanced swimming with precise water flow direction. Mechanical elements are separated from the hydro-space, enabling repairs without draining the water. The heat pump connection, equipped with the In.Grid system, reduces heating costs by two-thirds. Both the massage and swimming areas can be controlled via the in.touch 2™ application. The Danube W-Flow swim spa is also available in a semi-recessed design, allowing for easy installation.

Aquasol Pro Sound System

The Aquasol™ Pro 4.1 sound system features a four-channel amplifier with Bluetooth®, a waterproof controller, a 100 W subwoofer, and four built-in speakers.

W-FLOW System

The Wellis-FLOW system offers six adjustable speed levels for a customized swimming experience, transforming the SwimLine spas into professional training machines.