Rio Grande
Rio Grande

Rio Grande

Rio Grande





19.7 x 7.7 x 4.8 ft



The Wellis® Rio Grande W-Flow swim spa seamlessly combines an exercise spa with a relaxing hot tub. Enjoy it alone or with friends and family. This model, featuring 41 hydromassage jets and a counter-current system, provides a comprehensive workout and exceptional relaxation experience, ensuring crystal-clear water with superfine filter inserts.
The Rio Grande W-Flow swim spa includes a 10-year warranty on the shell structure and a five-year warranty on engineered parts.

Rio Grande

The Rio Grande W-Flow swim spa combines an exercise spa and a relaxing hot tub. This model offers a well-equipped hot tub and a swim spa for a comprehensive workout. The hydromassage area features 41 hydro massage jets, three illuminated fountains, and superfine filter inserts for crystal-clear water. The swim spa’s counter-current system ensures an optimal swimming experience, and the W-Flow system offers six-speed levels for tailored workouts. With a durable design, Scandinavian insulation, and an energy-efficient W-EC circulating pump, the Rio Grande W-Flow swim spa provides a versatile and luxurious option for both exercise and relaxation.

Equipped with the in.touch 2™ smart control, the spa allows remote access via WiFi for easy management of temperature and jets. The UV-C water sanitizer ensures clean and safe water, reducing the need for additional treatment agents. Exclusive color therapy lighting and the Aquasol™ Pro 4.1 sound system enhance the overall experience, making the Rio Grande W-Flow swim spa an ideal choice for any home.

Aquasol Pro Sound System

Aquasol™ Pro 4.1 sound system features a four-channel amplifier with Bluetooth®, a waterproof controller, a 100 W subwoofer, and four built-in speakers.

W-FLOW System

The Wellis-FLOW system offers six adjustable speed levels for a customized swimming experience, transforming the SwimLine spas into professional training machines.