Swim Spas and Exercise Pools

Did you know that swim spas (sometimes called exercise pools) provide year-round aquatic therapy right in your own backyard? 

Swim Spas and Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is a treatment or exercise regimen performed in water. More and more people are realizing the benefits of swim spa aquatic therapy to rehabilitate from injury or simply to improve overall health and physical fitness. The resistance provided by water as you move different parts of your body is unique and quite different than free weights, machines, or other gravity-based exercise. No matter one’s fitness level or strength, nor the speed or direction of movement, the water adapts to each person’s needs. Aquatic therapy has garnered quite a bit of attention in recent years as one of the best methods of rehabilitation available after an injury.

Swim spas allow you to set the temperature to the exact temperature you prefer. Many have the option for seats with traditional hot tub jetting in addition to a swim system that generates a current allowing you to swim in place. Some even allow you to add exercise and rowing equipment, creating even more therapy options. Adding all of these options allows for a full-body, aerobic exercise regimen and a relaxing jet therapy session all in one. Typically, when swimming and exercising you’ll keep the temperature in the low 80’s. When using the hot tub therapy seats, setting the temperature in the 100 to 104-degree range is preferable.

Important Information for Swim Spas and Exercise Pools

Below are some important things to consider when shopping for swim spas or exercise pools.

  • Variable flow swim jets: Is the speed of the swim jets adjustable to suit each swimmer’s natural speed? Most swim jet systems only have two speeds which may or may not be right for your needs.
  • Low chemical water maintenance system: Nobody wants to swim in a chemical bath. Make sure there is water treatment system in place, like Artesian’s Crystal AOP system that combines UV sterilization and ozone oxidation to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals.
  • In house local service: A good warranty with on-staff technicians may not seem important during the buying process, but should a problem arise, you will be happy to have it. Beware the traveling swim spa shows that tell you they have local service. These “road shows” are known to stretch the truth, especially when it comes to service. Most often they have to subcontract service to a local independent technician that charges exorbitant travel fees. The customer service from an independent technician rarely meets that of an in-house service department.
  • Manufacturer and retailer reviews: Do a google search for reviews on both the retailer and the product manufacturer. For example, type “Colorado Custom Spas Reviews” into the search bar to see our customer reviews. Then type “Bullfrog Spas Reviews”. This will give you a good idea of what to expect when purchasing a Bullfrog Spas swim spa from Colorado Custom Spas.
  • Energy efficient construction: Swim spas often contain thousands of gallons of water which can consume a lot of electricity when heating, especially during a Rocky Mountain winter. Look for a swim spa that is fully insulated. No matter what a salesperson tells you, full insulation is an absolute “must have” here in Colorado. In addition to insulating from the cold, full foam insulation supports the shell and plumbing, drastically reducing the likelihood of a leak developing.

Your Local Source for Swim Spas and Exercise Pools

Of course, there are many other factors to account for in your purchase decision, but the five things mentioned above are often overlooked. At Colorado Custom Spas we are proud to offer Bullfrog Swim Spas, Passion Swim Spas, and Tidal Fit FitSpas and Exercise Pools. Call (303) HOT-TUBS or stop by the store to see for yourself just how wonderful swim spa ownership can be.

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